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Widow Of Slain Nazim Jhokio Absolve The Suspects Of Her Husband’s Murder

Nazim Jokhio Widow Statement

On Tuesday, Nazim Jokhio’s widow announced that she was pardoning all individuals accused of her husband’s murder, including PPP MPA Jam Awais and his brother, MNA Jam Abdul Karim, in an interview with a local television station.

To ensure her own safety and the wellbeing of her children, Shireen Jokhio revealed in a video message that she had been abandoned by her own people and that she had made the decision to pardon herself out of need.

According to her, “Only my brothers and sisters who have children realise the agony I’m going through right now.” “I haven’t gotten any offers for a business transaction… I’m not doing this for financial gain… I’m not a self-centered person. I’m a straightforward young lady.

In her statement, Shireen said that she had put issues in Allah’s hands, but she also stated that “justice cannot be done in Pakistan.”

Widow of #NazimJokhio says she has pardoned lawmaker #JamAbdulKarim of @PPP_Org, and other accused in the murder of her husband without taking anything in return because she was abandoned by her own people and didn’t have the capacity to fight the case

— Naimat Khan (@NKMalazai) March 30, 2022

Siraj Lashari, the officer in charge of the Jokhio murder investigation, has announced that the complainant has pardoned all of the defendants in the case, according to the official. He added that he put in a lot of effort into filing the challan for the case in order to accelerate the court proceedings.

According to him, “terrorism accusations have now been added.” Two months ago, the case was transferred to the Anti-Terrorism Court in New York. A terrorism conviction would have made it difficult for the defendant’s parents and other family members to forgive him, according to him.

The Nazim Jokhio murder case was heard by the Sindh High Court on Wednesday, and the hearing was postponed till Thursday. A statement from the lawyers for Jam Owais and Jam Abdul Karim said that the accused were pardoned by Nazim Jokhio’s widow, according to the statement. The accused’s interim release was extended by the court until April 11th, according to the court’s decision.

As a result of his identification as a significant suspect in the murder of Nazim Jokhio, PPP MNA Jam Abdul Karim took refuge in Dubai after being recognised as a suspect. The lawmaker was slated to go to Islamabad on Wednesday, but he did not show up because his name had been placed to the no-fly list, which prevented him from flying. There have been two adjustments to the approach that he has devised for his return that have been implemented.

A Pardon has Absolutely No Legal Significance

According to Advocate Mukhtar Junejo, who spoke to, Shireen’s pardon has no legal validity because she was not the complainant in that case and could not be considered Nazim’s legal successor. Shireen’s pardon has no legal validity because she was not the complainant in that case and could not be considered Nazim’s legal successor.

Advocacy for Afzal Jokhio, Nazim’s brother, is provided by Advocate Junejo, who was present throughout the events. Nazim’s mother, according to Junejo, was his legal heir and successor.

Last night @Xadeejournalist @ZarrarKhuhro and I discussed the difficult circumstances #ShireenJokhio wife of #NazimJokhio has been put under by PPP Govt forcing her to submit to a compromise. Today the same happened. Should we blame the poor widow or @BBhuttoZardari?

— M. Jibran Nasir 🇵🇸 (@MJibranNasir) March 30, 2022

Due to the fact that the accused’s mother is still alive, no one else can reach an arrangement with him, according to a police officer.

He went on to state that the case had been changed to include allegations of terrorism as well as other charges. Accordingly, it falls within the purview of anti-terrorist law, and there is no room for a compromise under these conditions.

Many journalists and activists have shared and commented on Shireen’s video on Twitter, expressing their displeasure with the PPP, which both suspects are members of.

In this case, a widow was pitted against the provincial government of the People’s Progressive Party. If the assassins had been brought to justice, democracy would have suffered. “Congratulations to all Jiyalas!” said lawyer Jibran Nasir in a sarcastically humorous tweet.

Is it better to vote for Bilawal Bhutto Zardari or for the destitute widow? He wanted to know more.

While this was going on, another lawyer and political analyst, Reema Omer, referred to Shireen’s comments as “shameful and painful.”

In a tweet, she said that “PPP is just as responsible as the culprits for enabling this grave injustice to occur under their watch.

“There is no justice in Pakistan”

Nazim Jokhio was tortured and killed, and after facing threats, harassment for months, his wife has “pardoned” the accused

PPP is just as culpable as the perpetrators for allowing this gross injustice under its watch

Shameful and heartbreaking

— Reema Omer (@reema_omer) March 30, 2022

 Amnesty has been extended to individuals who have been accused of her husband’s murder by Shiren Jokhio, the victim’s widow.

Shiren was the one who said in a video statement that she was unable to pursue the case on her own and that she had prioritised the safety of her children above her own, and as a result, she pardoned the accused.

She also expressed her appreciation to everyone who had shown support, and she claimed that she wanted to use the video to warn the public that she was no longer able to defend her husband’s legal case against the government.

It’s natural that she felt the need to protect herself in this situation, she said, noting that she had been left alone by her family since they had their own children.

Keep in mind that the federal government had said in January that it would not pursue the case unless and until the suspected murderer and his family reached an agreement on a “compromise.”

In the event that Nazim Jokhio’s family agrees to compromise, the state will step in and litigate the case… “The position of Qandil Baloch is in front of us all,” Dr. Shireen Mazari, the Federal Minister for Human Rights, said in a statement.

The historical context of the case

The corpse of Nazim Jokhio, a 27-year-old Malir resident, was found at the farmhouse of Pakistan Peoples Party Member of Parliament Jam Awais in November 2021. It is being investigated if the MPA, his MNA brother Jam Abdul Karim, and others tortured and murdered Jokhio when the latter intervened to prevent his foreign guests from hunting the houbara bustard. An inquiry is now ongoing.

The MPA, along with four other individuals, has been taken into custody, and a charge sheet has been filed against them. The MNA has been identified as a possible errant suspect in the investigation.

Last Monday, the Sindh High Court granted MNA Karim, who had attempted to flee to Dubai, a 10-day protective bail in exchange for a Rs100,000 bond. The legislator was instructed to appear before the trial on or before April 3, and he did so.

In light of the MNA’s release on bail, she will be able to return to the country and vote in the National Assembly on a motion of no confidence in the prime minister, which has been put up by the unified opposition. 

Last night @Xadeejournalist @ZarrarKhuhro and I discussed the difficult circumstances #ShireenJokhio wife of #NazimJokhio has been put under by PPP Govt forcing her to submit to a compromise. Today the same happened. Should we blame the poor widow or @BBhuttoZardari?

— M. Jibran Nasir 🇵🇸 (@MJibranNasir) March 30, 2022

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