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When and where will Imran Khan’s Jalsas take place? Complete Details

“Imran Khan’s Jalsa V/s New Government”

 When and where will Imran Khan’s Jalsas take place? Complete Details… 

Because the political situation is becoming more and more serious, in such a situation of the country, there is no question of Imran Khan remaining silent. Sitting on the chair of the country’s new Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, Imran Khan made it clear in no uncertain terms that this imported government would not last long.

 Imran Khan also announced with reference to his new meetings that in the coming days new elections will be held in the country as soon as possible by holding a historic meeting of Pakistan. And let the people decide again who will be the new Prime Minister of the country. Imran Khan recently made an announcement regarding big meetings. He also promised to give a new surprise to the government.

Historical Upcoming Rallies of Imran Khan:

  In his statement today, Imran Khan made it clear that he was going to hold his first meeting in Peshawar, second in Karachi and third in Lahore. Which will make it clear that there must be new elections in the country. That is the only solution to save the country from this political chaos.

The following is a list of Imran Khan’s meetings:

🟢13 April Jalsaa in Peshawar:

 As per the Imran Khan 

” I will be addressing a public meeting in Peshawar on Wednesday after Isha prayers. This will be my first meeting after the removal of Gajo as a result of change of government on external signals. I want all our people to participate in this gathering in full force”

 🟢 16 April Jalsaa in Karachi:

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday 16th of April at “Mazar-e Quaid” will hold a rally in Karachi to address the nation at 9:00 pm after Isha prayer. Which will be a slap in the face to the PPP because Imran Khan’s fans in PPP’s house in Karachi will push Imran Khan back to the chair. This may be the biggest rally ever since Benazir Bhutto.

Lahore Jalsaa Before Eid:

And then before Eid a rally will be held in Minar Pakistan Lahore, which is going to be the biggest meeting in the history of Pakistan. Four times before the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran has filled Pakistan with crowds of people. And this is the fifth time that Prime Minister Imran Khan Minar is going to fill Pakistan with a sea of ​​people. This is the fourth term of PML-N government but so far Minar has not been able to fill Pakistan with crowds of people. Now it remains to be seen at what point these three historic meetings bring Imran Khan and the government to a stands till.

PM Shahbaz Sharif New Relief Packages for People:

On the other hand, only the present government under the leadership of Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has turned its attention to the election of its new ministers. In which different types of ministers will be elected today, so that all the internal and external affairs of the country can be handled in a comprehensive manner. 

 At the same time, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif will try his best to stop Imran Khan’s new meetings in the country. So that the people are attracted to Imran Khan. He also rolled the dice of the game and released some relief packages for the people in the country so that while thanking him, the people would again try to elect Shahbaz Sharif as the new Prime Minister. But now the people know the truth. 

Reaction of People over New Government:

 And 70% of the country’s population is ready to vote for Imran Khan. Which will make it clear in the coming meetings of Imran Khan that only Imran Khan can be the new Prime Minister of the country.

  Not only the nation of the country but also the people of Pakistan and other countries abroad, especially the heads of other countries have decided in favor of Imran Khan that as long as Imran Khan remains the Prime Minister we will have good relations with you.

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