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What Options Establishment Gave to PM Imran: Threat To Imran’s Life

PM Imran Statement About Threat

It has been alleged that Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s life is under danger, according to media reports. The president asserts that those attempting to overthrow his government are “frightened” because they “know that even if [he] is overthrown, the people would continue to support him.

According to him in an interview with ARY News that aired on Friday, “I am expressing this honestly: my life is in risk.

The prime minister said, “They [all those who have plotted against me] are well aware that I will not sit quietly on my hands. ” What makes them think they can get away with spending Rs20 billion, Rs25 billion, and overthrowing my government if I keep silent?

As a result, I’m saying it out loud to make it clear that my life is in risk.”

Minister Fawad Ch Statement 

Pakistan’s Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry stated previously that security agencies had unearthed a plot to kill Prime Minister Imran Khan, an allegation that was later denied by the government.
Earlier this week, Faisal Vawda, a leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), made similar remarks, claiming that a conspiracy to assassinate the prime minister was being plotted because he refused to “sell the country.

Faisal Vawda Threat Statement

That appearance on ARY News was when Vawda stated that a letter PM Imran exhibited during the PTI’s power show in Islamabad on March 27 included evidence of “a foreign scheme” to destabilise the country’s administration.
In the words of Vawda, the PM was repeatedly told that bullet-proof glass would need to be installed in front of his platform at the event scheduled for March 27. In a cryptic response, Vawda said, “I got the sensation of assassination… killing…” “His assurance to me that my [death] would take place when Allah so determined was standard practise. It’s not worth your time to read this.”

When Abbasi queried about the letter’s connection to the assassination, Vawda said that the reference was implicit rather than explicit.

While Vawda, on the other hand, was a little hazy.

Apart from the threat of assassination, Prime Minister Imran Khan is also facing a no-confidence vote in his government. The possibility of assassination has been raised “As a reaction, he said

The letter, Vawda responded to Abbasi’s request for clarification by stating that “it was not specifically mentioned in the letter.” “There is a relationship between this letter and the previous one. There will be another letter after this one.”

It was only after a little moment of stillness that Abbasi said, “You’re making such a significant [statement].

We’re scared and apprehensive about our boss, according to Vawda.” We are just saying what we are aware of.” A plan to assassinate Imran Khan has been launched against him.”

Vawda went on to state the following: “Imran Khan’s courage is something to be admired. He will not allow his beloved country to be sold to anybody at any time. He has no intention of reneging on his commitment to his nation. He will not take any kind of payment. No one will be able to accomplish what they want as long as he is in command of the situation.”

According to Vawda, “the sarkar (government official) and his life have paid the price for it up to this point.”

According to Imran Khan’s party’s leader, there were challenges to Imran Khan’s leadership even before he was elected prime minister of Pakistan. “During major crowds, we used to line up in front of him as human shields to keep him safe. In the past, we were warned that there was a strong chance that Imran Khan would be attacked on today’s election day “He informed me of the situation.

“We had recommended that the prime minister expose this (the threats on his life), but he is brave and does not want it to be seen as a sign of weakness,” Vawda added.
While he recognised that the prime minister’s life was in danger and said that the letter outlined an assassination plan, he was evasive when asked whether the letter addressed the alleged conspiracy. He was not available for comment.
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan verified this in an interview, in which he said that his life was in danger because he did not fit in with the conspiracy’s players, who included “people like Shehbaz Sharif, who polishes boots.
According to the premier, Shehbaz Sharif, the leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), has gotten minimal popular support.
They are scared of people who have public support,” he stated, without naming any specific individuals or organisations. It is being discussed as a possible assassination because they are aware that the people will keep him relevant even after he is ousted from the government.
When the first one doesn’t work, they attempt the second.” In a statement, Prime Minister Imran Khan described “the three stooges” — Shehbaz Sharif, Pakistan Peoples Party co-chair Asif Ali Zardari, and Pakistan Democratic Movement chairman Maulana Fazlur Rehman — as “local collaborators, the three stooges.
As part of a “character assassination” campaign, the prime minister said that his wife Bushra Bibi and one of her assistants, Farah, would also be attacked by the government.

Filing No-Trust Motion Against Pm Imran

After the filing of a no-trust motion against the prime minister, it was also questioned whether the opposition, the government, or another party had advocated for early elections and the resignation of the premier as a possible outcome during an interview with the prime minister, which was broadcast live.

The prime minister responded with a thunderous “resignation, no-confidence [vote], and elections” in reaction to this.

Solution Against No-Trust Vote/Resign

It is difficult for him to resign since “we suggested that elections are the greatest solution,” he claims. As for the no-confidence vote, he believes that he would fight until there is no other alternative.
Even if the opposition’s no-confidence vote is defeated, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif stated in a statement posted by his office that “we cannot run the government with such persons (defectors)” as members of his cabinet.
His justification was that conducting fresh elections would be beneficial for Pakistan in the long run.
The prime minister responded positively to the question of whether he was prepared to call for early elections, saying, “I think it’s a fantastic idea to call for early elections if we win this [no-confidence] vote.
In response to a question on the government’s plan in the event that the opposition’s no-confidence motion were to be defeated, he said, “We will formulate a strategy [in the coming days].

PM Imran says 'establishment' gave him three options: resignation, no-confidence vote or elections

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