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USA Free green card visa

Let’s talk about the permanent residence or what they call the Green card via family member. it is important question that I have a US citizenship and my which family members can get green card on behalf of me? So, you could apply for your spouse, husband or wife, your children of any age, your parents and your brothers and sisters.



USA Green Card Vesa:

The processing Time for some types of green Card is pretty fast, and the other ones are super slow. So the fast ones, if you apply for your spouse, your children who are under the age of 21, or your parents, those processes are pretty fast. And by pretty fast, I don’t really mean fast, I mean like six months to a year around there.


 On the other hand, there are the slow ones, and the slow ones can range anywhere between ten to twelve years to 25 years.
Okay. And that applies to your brothers and sisters and to children who are 21 years old and older.

Now about the permanent residence one can apply for US citizenship, but suppose you haven’t done that yet, and all you have is your permanent residence card. Then at that point, you can apply for your spouse, your husband or wife, and for your children of any age, so long as your children are unmarried.



Now,your children can be divided into two groups children who are under the age of 21 and unmarried, and children who are 21 years and older and unmarried. You can imagine that spouses tend to go a little faster and then children under the age of 21.
And then the slowest ones are the children over 21 years and older who were unmarried.

 Different Ways To Get Usa Free green card visa:

We’re going to talk about different ways that you can get your green card.

Green Card through Marriage

Let’s get started. The first few types of green cards that I want to talk about are family based green cards.



We’re going to start with the one that many of you already know about, and it’s a green card through marriage. So basically, if you’re in a legitimate marriage, a bona fide marriage with either a US Citizen or a lawful permanent resident.
A green card holder based on the marriage can also be able to apply for a new green card and for another new member like their child or any other family relationship person. it’s a rule that married should be at the registered time and you should have forced to establish a pretty life with your partner.
Of course, the marriage should not have been entered into for purposes of obtaining immigration benefits. So that’s the first option that I want to discuss.

Green Card Through Fiancee Visa:

 The second option that I want to discuss is a fiance visa.
The fiance visa is a little bit different. And the way to get a fiancee visa is that you and your fiancee will apply for a special visa, which will allow the foreign to come to the United States. And once the fiancee is in the United States.
They can apply.
 The couple gets married and the fiancee can apply for their green card through a process called an adjustment of status. So that’s the fiancee visa.

Family Based Green Card:

 Now, in addition to those two options, I wanna talk about other family based green card options.
So the first two options are about marriage type relationships, but there’s other types of family relationships that can qualify for a green card. One is the parent of a US citizen that’s over 21 years old.
There’s also the child of a US citizen, the child of a permanent resident, and the sibling, the brother or sister of a US citizen. So in case of any such type of relationship the person can surely apply for a green card. Those are the family based options.

Employment Based Green Card:

Now, we’re going to talk about employment based green card options. It’s called an employer sponsored green card. So what is an employer sponsored green card? Basically, an employer sponsored green card is when a US employer hires and is able to basically hire a foreign worker.



And through that job offer that they’re offering the foreign worker, they can petition for a green card for the foreign worker. and many of the steps are involved here.
But basically the gist of it is that the US employer must show that they tried to hire a US worker and they were unable to hire a US worker either because there weren’t any willing and available US workers for the position or something along those lines.
And based on the fact that they were unable to hire a US worker, they’re able to hire the foreign worker and sponsor them for a green card. The job must be a fulltime job offer and the US Employer must pay the foreign worker the similar, at least the same amount that a similarly situated us.
Worker would get paid. It’s called something called the prevailing wage. Basically there’s policies is in place to prevent foreign workers from coming to the United States and working for less than what us.
Workers get paid. So the US. Employer has to pay the foreign worker at least the same amount that a qualified US. Worker would get paid or more than that amount.

EB-2 and EB-3 Green Card Categories:

So the two visa categories that fall under the employer sponsored Green Card are the EB-2 and the EB-3 preference categories.
So there’s two separate categories EB-2 and EB-3.
EB-2 generally is for more sophisticated positions, advanced degree positions, and EB-3 is for less advanced positions like unskilled labor or other certain types of positions.
The job duties will understood when the person qualifies in EB-2 or EB-3. So that’s one of the main employer sponsored green card options.

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