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Democrats revealed their true reasons for open borders;

Democrats revealed their true reasons for open borders; It’s like to say we truly care about illegal immigrants as human beings, but once in a while they slip up and reveal their true reasons for wanting open borders. Take a look. Tourism, construction, agriculture. I mean you’re going to have vegetables rotting in the fields, you’re going to have construction sites that will lie dormant or certainly will struggle to get workers to be able to help make sure that they can make progress.

Democrats revealed their true reasons for open borders;

 Those folks who are coming across are the ones who are helping to put food on our table. Without them we’re not able to eat. Immigrants pick the food we eat, clean our homes and look after the most precious in our families. We have a shortage of workers in our country and you see even in Florida some of the farmers and the growers saying why are you shipping these immigrants up north? We need them to pick the crops down here.

Threats that US will face after opening voters for illegal immigrants;

It’s true, that USA have the border under control but there is a threat-about  the drugs, the human trafficking, the cost. Major problem of affording to feed, house, educate, offer healthcare and assistance to everybody that is entering this country. But also what about those people on the terror watch list that US government caught? But what about the people  Who sneaked out? They’re building terror, cells right here in this country and that means they’re plotting, planning and scheming an attack to destroy and murder Americans.

Vivek Raman Swamin interview on US opening border;

This was a question asked by presidential candidate Vivek Raman Swamin, during an interview on US news channel that Do you agree with that?

Vivek Raman Swamin;

“ I fully agree with that Sean and if you also look at you were just talking about the fentanyl crossing the southern border that is also killing over 200 Americans per day on American soil and so that’s why I think we need to take this to the next level. Building the wall alone is not sufficient. This is killing Americans on American soil that is a justification for using the U .S. military to actually secure our southern border. That’s why I was the first candidate to say it. If we can use our military to secure somebody else’s border somewhere else, we can certainly use our own military to secure our own southern border and we need leadership to actually deliver on that. This is not going to happen.

Sean Hannity, A Fox News Journalist said a question to Vivek Raman Swamin, Let me ask you, what do you think the motivation is? Why have they adopted a policy that they’re going to leave the borders wide open and then lie to us and say that the border is secure, which if I hear it one more time I hate being lied to, but between Mayorkas and Biden they lie constantly. 

Raman Swamin;

“Well it’s like the Democratic Party of 2023 Sean. I really mean this, sounds a lot like the Democratic Party of 1863. Just listen to some of those clips you played using short -⁠term economic justifications to justify illegal and immoral behavior. The vegetables will rot in the field. We need people to pluck our crops.

This is the thing that Democrats were saying in the south in the 1860s to justify a different form of immoral and illegal behavior in the form of slavery. Now they’re using that justification for illegal immigrants to be able to turn the other way and abandon the rule of law. Sean, I would refuse to stand by and watch this idly. I’m actually going to the south side of Chicago on Friday.

Not a popular stop for many Republicans on a campaign trail, but America first includes all Americans and even though that is a black community that mostly votes Democrat on the south side of Chicago, they too are being plagued by this same trend where high schools are being taken over and turned into encampments for illegals crossing the southern border and they’re every bit as angry about it as the people in New York. And so I think this is a unifying American issue to say we stand for the rule of law in this country, whether it’s the Durham report, whether it’s Neely, whether it’s the southern cross, whether it’s the crossings in the southern border, the deeper cancer is that we’ve abandoned the rule of law. And if I’m elected president, Sean, I’ll tell you this, we are going to restore it once and for all in this country.”

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