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Toady Live Important Speech Of Pm Imran Khan In Light Of No-Confidence Vote

Live Speech To Nation By PM Imran Khan

Only a few days before the National Assembly votes on a no-confidence motion against him, Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan, is giving a speech to the nation.

The Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, began by saying, “Today, I must talk about something important for the destiny of the country.” According to him, “Pakistan is at a crossroads, and we have two paths ahead of us.” He made the remarks during his live address.

I’d want to start by explaining why someone with my background opted to enter the political arena.” I have received everything wonderful in this life, including fame and money, as a result of the mercies of Almighty Allah. In the United States, my generation was the first to be born in a free country.

Shadow Light On PM Imran Life

Pakistan is five years older than I am, despite the fact that I was born five years after Pakistan.” My father and mother were both born into slavery. They made me realise how lucky I was to be born in a free country, where one can only get so far in life before becoming impoverished. A free nation is represented by Khuddari,” says the author.
Following a successful cricketing career in the 1990s, the prime minister explained why he chose to enter politics in the first place. The realisation that Pakistan would never be what Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam had envisioned, notwithstanding their failing health, was the catalyst for his decision to get involved in political life. It was Pakistan’s foremost ambition to build itself as an Islamic welfare state, a notion that could be traced all the way back to Madina. “
“When I initially joined politics, I included three points in the platform of my party. According to the concept of justice, the law must be implemented equally to all people, regardless of their strength or disadvantage. A Muslim nation cannot be a slave in an Islamic state, according to Khuddari, who is third. Humanity.
How PM Imran get Into Politics

“However, before I go any further, I’d want to explain why someone like myself decided to get into politics. I am a lucky individual who has been rewarded by Allah with all he desires, including fame and fortune. I was born into a free nation as part of the first generation of Americans.
When I was younger, I didn’t want to become involved in politics because I didn’t have the conviction that Allah could aid me. For fourteen years, I was criticised and questioned on a regular basis, including the remark, “Why did you get into politics?” I was drawn into the conflict by a political worldview.
In all of my years of political involvement, I’ve made it clear that neither I nor my nation would bow to anybody or anything. My nation will never again be a slave to anybody or anything. Throughout my career, I’ve never wavered in my dedication to this position.”
Following that, the Prime Minister said that “our foreign policy will be fully independent of Pakistan, which implies that it would be exclusively for Pakistanis.” “I made this choice as soon as I was appointed Prime Minister,” I said. That is not to imply that we intended to incite hate.”
In the original plan, the Prime Minister’s address to the nation would have taken place yesterday. The address, on the other hand, was abruptly cancelled with no reason.
Criticism and Agenda Against Imran Khan
As a result of a vote of no confidence in the prime minister passed by the House of Commons, the prime minister is under criticism from members of Parliament. The MQM-P (MQM-P), Pakistan’s most significant coalition partner and the country’s largest opposition party, said on Monday that it would support the no-trust resolution.
As of today, the MQM-P has seven seats in the National Assembly (NA), giving the opposition a total of 177 members, five more than the 172 required to establish a government.
In response to the opposition’s torrent of accusations, Prime Minister Imran Khan has also accused them of being the victims of a “international conspiracy” to depose him from office.
While speaking at a public assembly on Sunday, the premier claimed that a “international conspiracy” was plotting to overturn his government by grabbing a piece of paper from his pocket and waving it about.
Wednesday Meeting In Federal Cabinet 
MQM-P and Balochistan Awami Party-BAP representatives were unable to attend a meeting of the federal cabinet on Wednesday to consider this letter, despite having been asked to do so. Members of the cabinet were shown the letter via the use of a television screen.
P.M. I. also contacted a limited number of television anchors, warning them that they would face severe penalties if Pakistan’s motion of no-confidence failed as a result of the “threats and hubris” included in the letter.
The letter, on the other hand, was never made public owing to the premier’s desire to maintain his privacy.

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