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Supreme Court of Pakistan Declared Deputy Speaker Rulling as Null and Void

 Supreme Court of Pakistan declared the ruling of deputy speaker as Unconstitutional. And announced the convening of new session of the National Assembly.

Supreme Court of Pakistan decided that National Assembly will again held a session on Saturday that will be the decision of electing a new prime minister of Pakistan of course this is going to be the decision in favor of PMLN. Just after the given off a ruling of deputy speaker opposition decided to start there voting and got 197 people in favor of them.

As per the announcement by Supreme Supreme Court of Pakistan before taking Decesion that;

If a resolution is passed by the required majority (i.e. a no-confidence motion is successful) then the Assembly must immediately, and in its current form, elect a Prime Minister in accordance with Section 91 of the Constitution read with Act 32. In this regard, the Rules and Regulations and all other applicable provisions and the power and responsibility of all other persons including the Speaker and the Provincial Government to ensure that the directives and directives issued by him are expedited. For compliance and use.

Assurance given by the chief specialist attorney from the coalition government to the CP. 2/2022 21.03.2022 and the date mentioned above is included in the order made in this case which shall act in accordance with the order of the court: The State Government shall in no way prevent or obstruct any member of the National Assembly. . Or he will not interfere. They do not want to go to the meeting. As requested above, also to participate in the decision of no confidence and vote. 

It is further provided that this court order will apply in respect of voting by decision and (if so) in connection with the election of the Prime Minister thereafter. However, it has been made clear that nothing in this short section will affect the implementation of Section 63A of the Constitution and its implications for any member of the Executive when voting for a decision or (if so) in the election of the Prime Minister. . After this the Minister is like a rebel in the political party of which he is a part in the sense of this article.

Order of Court made on SMC 1/2022 dated 03.04.2022

next, namely. “Any order of the Prime Minister and the President shall be subject to the direction of this Court” shall continue in force and remain in the court, subject to this extension which shall also apply to the Speaker until the aforesaid acts are terminated.

Now it is compulsory for present government of PTI under the leadership of Imran Khan that they have to join the National Assembly council at Saturday that will be the final decision of new prime minister of Pakistan

Let’s move towards the to itself PTI members after supreme Court decision

Imran Khan Tweeted that;

“I have called a cabinet mtg tomorrow as well as our parl party mtg; & tomorrow evening I will address the nation. My message to our nation is I have always & will continue to fight for Pak till the last ball.”

Senior ministry of law Fawad Chaudhry said in press conference that;

The judges should have before them the material on the basis of which the Speaker gave the rolling order. Look at the evidence in these camera operations, otherwise we will have to start the journey back to 1940.

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