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SEO Assistant Manager Job in Italy

This is a Digital Product Manager Assistant job in Italy in the SEO company GreenTomatoMedia that will work on the development of igaming website in order to increase the work performance in case of traffic, Ormond clicks and revenue. Mainly GreenTomatoMedia is it Thailand based digital media company having the branch in different countries with the large network of digital media platforms they have currently 50+ apps downloaded 20+ million times.1500+ websites in 8 languages with more than 1 million high-value visitors per month. and 100 books and millions of monthly page read.


SEO Assistant Manager Job in Italy:


Here as a digital product manager assistant your mission includes increasing the ranking of all of their applications and websites to givee them some specific shape that is customer friendly and attracts more and more customers to visit that platform.Briefing and Ordering high value-added content and Identifying new opportunities of SEO will be an extra point to cover up to increase the customer reach on the website and applications.



As you’re going to get the job in Italy so you should have 100% influence over Italian and you should have the capability to contribute all of your colleagues help them and make a friendly environment inside the office the punctual interested and eligible candidates are highly required for this job opportunity.


Company : GreenTomatoMedia





Job Name:

SEO Assistant Manager Job in Italy





Job Location:  Romania, Italy








Duty hours: 35 hrs /week







Sexual Orientation: Male/Female







Nationality :  Nigotiated










🟢 Accomodation


🟢 Medical Insurance


🟢 Living Facility


🟢 Food





Experience: 3 Years






Job Types: Full Time






Education: Italian & English language, Masters in IT




Salary: 1000 €/month






Last Date : 2 December 2022







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