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PTI releases white paper on PML-N’s corruption

 “PTI releases white paper on PML-N’s corruption”

PTI releases white paper on PML-N’s corruption

PTI Chairman Imran Khan held a press conference.  In which he opened the black paper of PML-N ie black money and put it in front of the people.  In which he gave a complete explanation of how the deficit occurred in Pakistan, how this country was returned?

  And what kind of fines and punishments have been imposed on all the workers of PML-N at present?

Reasons behind General Perwaiz Musharraf NRO:

 Talking to the people at a press conference, he first said that the NRO was issued by General Musharraf on the grounds that the PML-N and PPP had twice been involved in large-scale corruption cases.  To be removed.  Corruption was rampant in Pakistan in the 1990’s. 

 But the end of all this came only when Musharraf gave NRO during Musharraf era.  Between 2008 and 2008, the PML-N and the PPP came to power for five years, in which they themselves increased the debt of corruption to Pakistan by four times.  Debt to Pakistan which was only 6,000 billion in 60 years has reached 30 billion in these 10 years.

Current Account Deficit in 2018: 

 Former Prime Minister Imran Khan also clarified that when the PTI got the government, Pakistan’s current account deficit was 20 billion.  Ever since we got the government, all the opposition parties have been trying to bring us down by forming nexus.  And every day there are threats that one day your turn will come.

 Former Prime Minister Imran Khan also clarified that all the cases of tax evasion against PML-N had started under his government.  Only one more case was filed against them during our tenure.  Which was recovered from the account of his servants.

  Just as he had taken NRO from General Pervez Musharraf and ended the corruption cases against him, now he has started dismissing me from the government and ending all the corruption cases against him.

White paper on PML-N’s corruption:

Imran Khan also mentioned in the white paper that it contains a list of all the fines imposed from two thousand eight to two thousand eighteen years. Which hit the PML-N and the PPP. On the contrary, he was given some punishment which he has not completed so far.

Panama Case:

 The PML-N has so far heard 16 major corruption cases, including a Panama case in which its illegal assets were created in London. Among them were four large flats named after Maryam Nawaz in the most expensive area of ​​London. Whose documents they did not have. 

 Nor did they have any evidence of how the flats were purchased. Under this, Nawaz Sharif has been sentenced by the regular Supreme Court of Pakistan, according to which he has been sentenced to a fine of Rs 1.5 billion and seven years in prison. He spent some time in jail but later lied and fled the country and settled in London.

 On the other hand, Maryam Nawaz has been sentenced to eight years in prison and a fine of two million pounds, but she is still on bail. On the other hand, when Nawaz Sharif’s two sons Hassan and Hussain Nawaz were summoned, they said that we are not citizens of Pakistan, we are not obliged to answer to anyone.

The total amount of corruption in the trials so far in the cases of corruption against them is forty to forty five billion rupees. The number of these cases is said to be 16. Apart from the rest, corruption cases against them are still being investigated. According to the records, the trials so far were only 20% of the total corruption.

Ramzan Sugar Mill Cases: 

 There are corruption cases against Shahbaz Sharif worth Rs 16 billion in FIA in the name of Ramzan Sugar Mill.

money laundering cases:

 There are money laundering cases against Shahbaz Sharif and his son worth Rs 7 billion

Draining Project in Ramzan Sugar Mill: 

 By constructing a drain in Ramzan Sugar Mill worth Rs. 21 crore, he threw drain skeleton from his sugar mill with the money of the people.

TT Cases:

   They have TT cases worth Rs 7.3 billion.

special plane of the Prime Minister:

 In the cases under investigation, a case was also told by Imran Khan against Shahbaz Sharif that as the Chief Minister of Punjab in the previous PML-N government, he used the special plane of the Prime Minister in which he made 39 visits and He made 515 domestic visits which caused a loss of about Rs. 40 crore to the exchequer. He used the aircraft nine times in each month.

National treasury Corruption:

Similarly, deposits in the national treasury were also worthwhile. Government officials could buy them by paying a 15% share.  He reduced the number of vehicles in the national treasury by more than 15% and removed the vehicles through Yousuf Raza Gilani.  They were legalized, and then taken into custody.

Lahore Master Plan Corruption:

 Immediately after Nawaz Sharif changed the master plan of Lahore in 2013, Maryam Nawaz bought land worth Rs. 80 crore and this case is now with the NAB as an inquiry.

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