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Protests in Pakistan on a call of Imran Khan

    Protests on a call of Imran Khan

 Protests in Pakistan on a call of Imran Khan.

According to Iqbal “Not the man who is afraid of the bloody scene of the situation,

 must live in an era that is difficult to live.”

  Last night, the whole country came to a call from former Prime Minister Imran Khan.  Slogans of long live Imran Khan started echoing everywhere in the streets.  Millions of people flocked to each city.  There is only one leader who can run the country by saying this and that is Imran Khan. 

 We cannot allow this country to be headed by a person who is associated with foreign powers and is trying to enslave the people of his own country.  The letter to Imran Khan was about the success of the no-confidence motion, which was linked to a conspiracy abroad.  The only slogan of the people now is to hold elections as soon as possible and hand over the election of the new Prime Minister to the people.  

Imran Khan Tweet Protest againt US- Blocked regime change:

 According to the prime minister Imran Khan,

‏یکجہتی کےاظہار+امریکی حمایت سےمقامی میرجعفروں کے بل پرحکومت بدلنے+ضمانتوں پررہا ڈاکوؤں کےبےحمیت ٹولےکواقتدار دلوانےکیخلاف جذبات سےبھرپوراحتجاج کیلئےبڑی تعدادمیں نکلنےپرمیں اہلِ پاکستان کامشکور ہوں۔اس سےثابت ہوتاہےکہ ملک وبیرونِ ملک مقیم پاکستانیوں نےاسےپوری شدت سےمستردکردیاہے

Choose whomever you want as your ruler.  Given the turmoil in the country, in the coming days, the government of the day and the courts of the country may decide to hold new elections as soon as possible, otherwise a new sea of ​​people will form a new government in the country.

 Will not be allowed to stay for long.  PTI workers expressed their love for Imran Khan by holding banners and flags in their hands.  And gave full support to Imran.  At present, out of 22 crore people, 70% of the population is trying to boost their morale by chanting slogans of ‘Long live Imran Khan’. 

Imran Khan Revealed History:

Imran Khan said thanks to the nation who took stand in favour of Imran Khan and came out of their homes to fight against the foreign propaganda.

       ‏میں نے اپنی ملکی تاریخ میں اس سے پہلے اتنی بڑی تعداد میں لوگوں کو خود سے باہر نکلتے نہیں دیکھا جو ڈاکوؤں کی امپورٹڈ حکومت کو مسترد کرنے کیلئے آج نکلے۔

Ending Point:

 Let’s fight together so that we will not allow such a person to be imposed in the country.  Who will start tying this country in the chains of slavery again.  This country is an independent country taken from the blood of our elders in which democratic stability and an independent government was established.

 Whom no external power can break. The man who fought for this country all his life, who sacrificed everything for this country, cannot be forgotten.  Imran Khan could not be given his post again.

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