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PM Will Not Resign And Face Opposition: Prime Minsiter Special Assistant On Thursady

Shahbaz Gill Statement To Opposition

Shahbaz Gill, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Political Communication, said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has not offered to resign and that he would instead fight the opposition “with all his power” till the conclusion of the current government’s term.

To reporters in Islamabad, Gill said that the premier had not previously reached out or made any overtures toward the opposition in order to establish a consensus on any “safe options.”

Prior to Gill’s statements, PPP leader Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had assured the media earlier in the day that the prime minister would not be given the option of a “safe passage, an NRO, amnesty, or backdoor exit,” as had been previously stated.

You should resign immediately and enable the vote of no confidence to be held, Bilawal advised you. “…and I strongly advise you to make an honourable exit…”.
Rather than “the three dwarfs,” the theme of SAPM Gill’s press conference today was that he is “an imperialist.
“The imperialists killed Bhutto because he sought to establish an independent foreign policy, and this was his motivation. Apparently, “these stooges don’t bother to him,” and he will “face all that comes his way,” according to the SAPM “, yes, it is.

The joint opposite has 172 members in the parliamentary party meeting. “There’s no NRO now, just one honourable exit for IK. Either let Leader of Opp in the NA take a vote of confidence now, or IK should face the #VONC.” Says @BBhuttoZardari

— SenatorSherryRehman (@sherryrehman) March 31, 2022

SAPM Shahbaz Gill Statement About his Assets
When The News published an article on Gill on Thursday morning, he said that all of his assets had been declared to the public.
The SAPM was still employed by an American public institution, according to a report, and he had failed to disclose his salary and position on the list of assets supplied to the Cabinet Division, according to the report.
According to a news article, “the Institution of Illinois Urbana-Champaign has confirmed to The News in written answer that he is still employed by the university and earns an annual salary of $124,770.92,” according to the university. “Gill receives an annual salary of $124,770.92,” according to the study.
The university’s official answer is that Mr. Gill teaches management and organisational behaviour, marketing foundations, and retailing concepts, among other subjects.
Everyone who works for the prime minister, including advisers and special assistants, is expected to submit a paper to the Cabinet Division detailing their financial holdings and obligations.
The report was referred to as “fake” by Gill in a recent media interview. According to him, the Cabinet Division paper consisted of just two columns: one for obligations and another for assets, among other things.
According to him, this information has been excluded from the application form. “However, the Federal Bureau of Investigation-FBI inquires about [a person’s] annual income and the source of that money. I’ve made all of my assets and assets’ information available to them, and I’ve explained everything to them,” Gill said.
The professor went on to declare that, after 20 years of teaching, he intended to continue in that capacity.

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