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PM Imran Strict Orders For MNA’s Over No-Confidence Voting in National Assembly

Formal Adressing to PTI MNA’s
PM Imran Khan issued an official directive to Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Members of Parliament (MNAs) on Tuesday 2022, instructing them to abstain from voting on the unified opposition’s no-confidence vote in the National Assembly.

In a letter sent to his party’s members of parliament, the prime minister provided specific voting instructions for the next parliamentary session.

According to the letter, which was published on local newspapers, “express defection in terms of Article 63-A” of the Constitution would be considered a violation of the directives.

In an open letter to all members of Pakistan’s National Assembly, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he was issuing them precise instructions on a vote of no confidence in his party.

Additionally, it said that all members of the PTI in the NA would “abstain from voting/not attend the National Assembly meeting on the day the aforementioned resolution is laid forth on the agenda… for vote” if the resolution is put on the agenda.
‘A member of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf must not attend or make himself/ herself accessible at the time and day of voting on the motion of no-confidence in the Prime Minister of Pakistan.”
The letter went on to say that properly appointed parliamentary representatives will speak on behalf of the PTI during the discussion on the resolution, which took place the next day.
All members were instructed to follow the directives “in letter and spirit,” as well as to remember “the purpose of Article 63-A of the Constitution,” according to the letter.
To all members of Parliament, the prime minister made it plain in a letter that they were not permitted to “violate any directive or extend any favour, linked to the vote of no-confidence, to any other parliamentary party or group.”
He cautioned that any infraction would be seen as secession from the country.

According to the rules and procedures of the house, debate on the resolution will begin on Monday and voting on the resolution must take place within seven days of it being moved.
As a result, a number of former coalition partners of the PTI-led government, including the Balochistan National Party-Mengal and the Balochistan Awami Party, have defected to the opposition.
Shahzain Bugti, the head of the Jamhoori Watan Party and former special assistant to the prime minister on reconciliation and peace in Balochistan, also announced his resignation from the federal cabinet on Sunday, according to media reports.
Support From PML-Q

However, a significant government partner, the PML-Q, which has five seats in the National Assembly, has thrown its support behind the governing party in this election.
A more recent event is the decision of Mohammad Aslam Bhootani, an independent MNA elected from the Gwadar-Lasbela NA-272 seat to resign from the governing coalition and form his own political party.
However, since the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan, a crucial government partner in the centre with seven members in the National Assembly, has yet to make a decision, the prospects for either side’s triumph are questionable at this time.
Dissident PTI MNA’s Sick of Govt Policies

Furthermore, more than a dozen PTI dissident MNAs have already gone out in the open to express their dissatisfaction with the government’s policies, hinting that they may back the opposition’s no-trust resolution even if it means being disqualified from serving as National Assembly members. After being served with show-cause letters by the party, several of the MPs claimed that they were not defectors after being asked to provide arguments as to why they should not be considered defectors.
As a result, the political allegiances of these renegade legislators remain a mystery.
He cautioned that any infraction would be seen as secession from the country.

Shahbaz Sharif Instructions

A day after Shehbaz Sharif, the Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly, submitted a motion in the lower house of parliament, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif issued his instructions.

According to the rules and procedures of the house, debate on the resolution will begin on Monday and voting on the resolution must take place within seven days of it being moved.

The opposition, which requires at least 172 votes to pass the motion, and the government have both increased their efforts to guarantee that they have enough MPs on their side to defeat the opponents’ attempts.

PM Imran formally directs party MNAs to not vote on no-trust motion against him in NA

— (@dawn_com) March 29, 2022

About Article 63-A
Specifically, Article 63 (A) of the Constitution states that a parliamentarian can be blacklisted on the premises of secession if he or she “votes or refrains from casting a vote in the House in contravention of any direction issued by the parliamentary party to which he or she belongs, in relation to the election of the prime minister or chief minister; a vote of confidence or a vote of no confidence; or a money or Constitution (process of reform) bill.”

A party leader must announce in writing that an MNA has deserted, according to the article, but the leader must first “give such member with a chance to plead cause as to why a similar statement should not be made against him” before proceeding with the declaration.

After providing the member with an opportunity to defend their position, the party leader will transmit the declaration to the speaker, who will then forward it to the chief election commissioner for consideration (CEC). The CEC will then have 30 days to validate or deny that the declaration was correct. After being confirmed by the CEC, the member “shall cease to be a member of the House and his seat shall become empty,” according to the Constitution.

In addition, the government has filed a presidential reference with the Supreme Court, asking it to interpret Article 63 (A) of the Constitution in order to determine the legal status of party members’ votes when they are clearly involved in horse-trading and change their loyalties in exchange for monetary compensation.

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