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PM Imran Stated ‘Strong’ Nation Infuriated By His Earlier Visit To Russia

PM Imran Today’s Statement About Visit To Russia

A “strong” nation, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Friday that his February visit to Russia had “angered” it, and that his decision to proceed with the two-day trip despite tensions between Russia and Ukraine had been questioned by that country.

At the Islamabad Security Dialogue, he did not specify which country he was referring to. During a period of Western sanctions after the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine, the premier of an unnamed country noted that India, a Russian ally, was importing Russian oil.

The British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, said today that India has its own foreign policy, which generated headlines throughout the world. So, where do we stand at this point?” he queried, adding that Pakistan was to blame for the situation.

A country must be self-sufficient in order to be recognised.

PM Imran Priase Indian Policy

Over the course of his speech, the prime minister praised India’s foreign policy as being “people-centered.” “They make certain that they retain their independence in foreign policy.”

He began by emphasising the importance of the event in his speech. According to him, security was formerly regarded of as a matter of “military strength,” but it was really “multi-dimensional.”

He went on to say that a nation is most susceptible when it has a small number of wealthy residents who are surrounded by a large number of disadvantaged people. “A country that is insecure will constantly struggle to achieve inclusive prosperity.

When jammed he falls back on India. Appears @ImranKhanPTI is a @narendramodi bakht and an India fan. Must break hearts of Pak bots
‘Powerful’ country angered by recent visit to Russia: PM Imran

— Maj Gen Harsha Kakar (@kakar_harsha) April 1, 2022

Riyast i Madina Concept

He was dismayed by the fact that many people were unable to understand the concept of Riyasat-i-Madina, as he had hoped. “They feel that I use Riyasat-i-Madina to manipulate voters and to politicise Islam,” said the author of the book.

With regard to Madina, he referred to it as a “unique” model in which the people were lifted to greatness via sacrifice. His view was that the underlying core of national security was represented by this idea. The historian pointed out that this was “history, not myths.”

He went on to say that true security can only be accomplished when a government takes care of its most vulnerable people, and that the military could only give “limited protection.

Another way of putting it is that Pakistan’s insecurity is a result of the country’s “unequal growth.” “Our resources were taken over by a small number of elites who used them to hinder the efforts of their opponents.

Aside from that, according to the author, the elite instituted an English-medium education system to ensure that only those who could read and write the language would be eligible for high-paying professions in high-demand fields. It also has an impact on health and justice, as it is only the rich who are catered to, respectively. This was emphasised by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Rule Of Law By PM Imran

According to the prime minister, one of the factors leading to turmoil in the country is a lack of rule of law. He argues that without rule of law, no country can grow or achieve its full potential. He made the observation that the state of Madina followed a similar strategy.

For him, justice implies that “my rights, life, and property are protected,” and he aspires to be a citizen of the state that protects his rights.

India History And Independent Foreign Policy

The history of India demonstrates that invaders from the north would have an easy time reaching Delhi since they would meet little or no resistance. “Because the majority of the population had little interest in the system, there was no resistance. There was a feudal system in existence “He said that the people were ruled by whomever was in control at the top of the hierarchy.

Regarding independent foreign policy, he believes it “made sense” after the country declared independence in 1948. In addition to a financial crisis and a scarcity of resources, there was a refugee crisis.

However, he went on to say that our reliance on foreign assistance was the most detrimental to our country. “What God had in store for us was something we didn’t take the time to find out. To achieve one’s full potential, one must first conquer the hurdles that stand in the way “Using the analogy of a muscle that weakens as a result of a lack of training, he said.

He went on to explain that a country’s capacity to conduct an autonomous foreign policy is inextricably linked to its ability to achieve economic success. “When a nation comes to believe that it is unable to do anything on its own, it will not thrive.

Power Of Independent Foreign Policy By PM Imran Khan

If Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is questioned about the nation’s engagement in the ‘jihad’ in Afghanistan, he responds that the government has never considered the advantages and disadvantages of participating.

When asked if Pakistan became involved in order to assist the Afghan people or to get foreign assistance, he said, “We never investigated whether we were involved in order to assist the Afghan people or whether it was for the purpose of obtaining foreign aid.

Following the September 11 attacks, he claims, Pakistan’s attitude on resistance to foreign occupation has evolved, with the government now referring to it as “terrorism.

The economic ruin and labelling of Pakistan that resulted as a consequence of this, he said, were the result of “breaking our own laws.

To save someone else’s life, we were ready to give up our own country. Because the world does not respect and cannot protect the interests of a country with an independent foreign policy, I believe that this is the case.

Objectives Of PTI Party

Furthermore, he said that it was the objective of the PTI administration that Pakistan would not become a member of a certain political grouping. Mr. Zardari stated that “we attempted to maintain our independent foreign policy, one that is solely influenced by what is beneficial to Pakistan’s 220 million people,” and that Pakistan has never received the international recognition that it has received in recent years (over the past three and a half years).

According to a member of Pakistan’s opposition party in the National Assembly, Prime Minister Imran Khan is a “disgrace” because he is compromising the country’s international interests.

It is an insult to the courage of Kashmiris who have sacrificed their lives to defy Hindutva to praise Narendra Modi’s foreign policy, which is a direct attack on their sacrifice. We have suffered irreparable damage to our foreign policy as well as other areas “he said.

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