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PM Imran Khan wept while last address to Nation

 Declaring the rolling of the Speaker National Assembly null and void, the Supreme Court of Pakistan decided that the no-confidence motion would be voted on Saturday, April 9. In which it will be decided who will be the new Prime Minister of the country? However, today the country was addressed by the incumbent Prime Minister Imran Khan in which he made it clear that he would not accept the government imported from abroad under any circumstances. 

 He also clarified that if in the forthcoming meeting of the National Assembly If voting will not held on the basis for Amar-bil Maroof, there would be a full scale protest. He also gave a clear message to his nation that peaceful protests would be held across the country after Isha prayers on Sunday night, April 10. And I will personally attend. Until the elections, the atmosphere of protest will remain hot across the country.

In his statement, Prime Minister Imran Khan also pointed out the point that a person who enslaves his own free nation and gives it to another country and says that “beggars are not be choosers”, then I never I will accept such a person and my nation cannot accept any such person. Because we are a free and independent nation, no other country has the right to interfere in our country in any way.

In his address to the nation, the Prime Minister made it clear in his party’s three-word manifesto that his party’s aim was based on justice, righteousness and sovereignty.

He clarified that I accept this decision of the Supreme Court because nations which do not recognize the judiciary of the country will never succeed. I respect the Supreme Court and say that the National Assembly will convene on Saturday, April 9. And PTI will also participate in it. But it is unfortunate that the Supreme Court did not take the slightest notice of the conspiracy hatched from abroad.

Announcing the new plans of the new government, he said that “their main objective would be to eradicate corruption cases against them and remove NAB from this country forever. They will once again heat up the looting in the country. And we will bring this country to the same level where Pakistan was 75 years ago. (Meaning the life of slavery)

In his last words, he said to the people, “As long as God keeps me alive, I will continue to fight for my interests and the interests of this nation. 26 years ago today, when I started this movement, There was no one, except few people who had been standing with me since fourteen years. 

 As time went on, things changed. So God gave me a lot of respect again. The tendency of the people towards me increased. And the people made me their leader. I am proud to say that never before in the history of the country have such great works been done for the development of the country as have been done under my government.

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