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PM Imran Address Youth To Conduct Peaceful Protest On Foreign Conspiracy

PM Imran Addressing To Youth Today

This past Saturday, Pakistan’s prime minister urged the country’s youth to take to the streets in “peaceful protest” against what he described as a “foreign conspiracy” against his government. He also stated that he had “more than one plan” for tomorrow’s crucial vote on a no-confidence motion against him in the country’s National Assembly.

At 5:30 p.m., the prime minister participated in a live question-and-answer session that was broadcast on television and radio and lasted around one hour.

During this vital period in Pakistan’s history, the prime minister remarked that “before receiving your telephone calls, I would want to talk to the people of my country for five minutes,” as part of his opening remarks to the nation. We are engaged in a struggle for the future of our nation.

Two Routes For PM Imran

As an alternative, we may choose one of two routes: Do we want to go down a path of devastation or do we want to travel down a route of triumph? However, this is the path that our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has chosen, and it will be difficult. This is the appropriate course of action. Taking this approach was critical to the success of the country’s revolution.
Following that, the Prime Minister addressed the nation’s political dilemma, saying: “When it comes to the political landscape of Pakistan, it has grown to the point where the people of Pakistan must decide where they want their country to go in the future. In the wake of a dedication to honesty and justice, a new civilization is created. When a society becomes neutral, on the other hand, it begins to support those who are misbehaving.

Investogations About Politicians

“Several investigations have shown that politicians are being bought and sold to topple the government, and there is now an active plan to bring the administration down. The scheme was developed somewhere else, and the Mir Sadiqs are now supporting those who are responsible for it.
Those are the types of individuals who will be remembered for a long time. The fact that Pakistan’s history does not forget these traitors is very significant to me. It is your responsibility to take care of it. Don’t give them the impression that you have forgotten about them.
People who “betrayed the nation,” the prime minister said, will suffer legal consequences from the government. “Today, I had a meeting with my lawyers, and we came up with a plan of action. We’re not going to let them leave without a fight. Every single one of them will be held responsible. We will make a judgement on whether or not to take legal action against them by the evening.

Establishment of Foreign Conspiracy

According to Prime Minister Imran Khan, confirmation of a “foreign conspiracy” against him has been established. “The National Security Council, the Parliamentary Security Committee, and the Cabinet were all made aware of it. According to the newspaper, if you get rid of Imran Khan, your relations with the United States would improve significantly.
PM Imran spoke directly to the country’s youth, stating: “Because doing so puts you on the side of evil, you are not bound to stay still and remain silent. I implore you to speak out against this conspiracy, not for my sake, but for the sake of your own future.

Pakistan On the eve of crucial NA vote, PM Imran urges youth to stage ‘peaceful protests’ #NewsDawn

— News on Pakistan (@87_pakistan) April 2, 2022

“In the United Kingdom, two million people marched against the illegal use of weapons of mass destruction and the ensuing attack on Iraq. No one was injured as a result of this. There wasn’t a single smashed pot in the house. He and I went for a stroll together. There was no political party that lobbied for them. Everything was completed entirely by them. This is a sign of a nation that is thriving.
I’d want you to join me for the rest of today and tomorrow. We invite you to join us for a day of peaceful protests.

PM Imran Addressing On Two Things About United Pakistan

Please keep in mind that there are two things that have kept the country together today: the military and the constitution,” he said. Pakistan’s military is the first and most important institution in the country. It’s a well-equipped and well-trained group of soldiers and officers. It is crucial for Pakistan since several countries are attempting to harm the country.
The PTI comes in second place because it is a party that has maintained a sense of unity across the country.” Although the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) was the country’s first national party, the PTI is now the country’s recognised party. They’re seeking to bring the party to its knees.
It is critical that we have access to this kind of force at our disposal. It has made the ultimate sacrifice for the benefit of the rest of us. Do not express any opposition to the military “I’ll tell you what I mean.
When a phone caller inquired about the situation, “”I’d want to tell you something about the army,” he said after hearing “fake news” that he didn’t get along with the military. It makes no difference who attacks the army; they are all doing damage to Pakistan.
The events taking place in the Muslim world need the establishment of a strong military. What exactly happened in Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan, and how did it effect the rest of the region is still up in the air. The fact that we have a huge and well-equipped army ensures that we are properly protected. We should avoid causing any harm to the military in any form.
The Army and I have absolutely nothing in common.
We acknowledge and respect their decision. The fact that the military has opted to stay neutral is something we respect and appreciate.
According to the prime minister, a political crisis emerged against him because he wanted to develop Pakistan’s first independent foreign policy in the wake of independence.
With the exception of Benazir Bhutto, our country has never had its own foreign policy. Apart from that, Mir Jaffers such as Fazlur Rehman and Nawaz Sharif plotted his assassination with the help of foreign troops.”
The opposition has amassed enough Members of Parliament-MNAs to bring down Prime Minister Imran Khan’s cabinet, but the prime minister says “don’t be concerned at all.” There are several strategies in place this time around, and I am certain that we will win tomorrow. In the Assembly, I want to humiliate them.
A majority of the nation will see this tomorrow, and if a vote is taken, they will be rejected by the majority of the population. You may be certain that when you see us tomorrow, we will have won.”
The prime minister is now under criticism from the opposition for how he handled a no-confidence vote in the government. The National Assembly, where the resolution was presented earlier this month, is slated to begin voting on it the next day, which will take place tomorrow.
He claims to have a “letter” as evidence that the motion is part of a “foreign conspiracy” to have him removed from office.
In an apparent slip of the tongue, the prime minister referred to the United States as the originator of the letter on Thursday.
On the 8th or 7th of March, we got an anti-government message, and it wasn’t only directed at me “Prime Minister, he said, referring to himself as such. “It was directed at our country, and it wasn’t just directed towards me.”
According to the prime minister, the author of the letter was aware of an impending no-trust vote against him even before the opposition in the National Assembly officially filed the motion against him.
As a result, he found, the opposition had already established links outside of the nation prior to the events that took place. Interestingly, the study discloses an anti-Imran Khan conspiracy, but not one against Pakistan’s leadership or government, as a footnote to this discussion.
According to the premier, the nations that delivered the letter claimed to be “enraged” with Pakistan and vowed to “forgive Pakistan” if Imran Khan were to lose the “no-trust” election.

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