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Pervez Elahi Mobilizing Support For His Elections After The Usman Buzdar Resignation

  • Shujaat categorically denies that there are divisions within his family or inside his political organisation.
  • When it comes to the next chief ministerial candidate, the opposition is weighing its alternatives carefully.
  • In the event that a vote of no confidence in the PM is passed, Buzdar will stay in office.
PTI Nominee For New CM

The Pakistani leader stated on Monday that the PTI’s nominee for Punjab’s chief minister, Chaudhry Parvez Elahi, had been selected after the occupant, Usman Buzdar, was requested to step down by Khan. On Tuesday, the speaker of the Punjab Assembly sprang into action to mobilise as much support as possible in favour of Elahi’s election to the new position of chief minister.

Mr Elahi made contact with the dissatisfied Jehangir Tareen group despite the knowledge that the unified opposition intended to run a candidate against him. He was able to persuade some unhappy PTI members to vote against the motion of no confidence in the government of Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan, with the assistance of disgruntled PTI members.

Statement Of Pervez Elahi on Tuesday

Unanimously, the motion of no confidence in PM Khan will be rejected, and the new Punjab chief minister will become a member of the PTI coalition. The opposition leader, Mr Elahi, stated in an interview broadcast on Tuesday that the opposition has the numbers to depose the prime minister and also install a new chief minister in Punjab.
We discovered that the Maryam Nawaz camp in the PML-N was opposed to handing anything to the PML-Q, and termed us a party with five seats,” the senior leader of the PML-Q remarked. We were promised by our sources that we would only be in power for a maximum of four months after joining forces with the opposition.”
He also claimed to have spoken with members of the Tareen group, who he believes would support him in the contest for chief minister. Rafaqat Ali Gilani, a representative from Mr. Tareen’s congressional district, met with Mr. Elahi on Tuesday and assured him of his support. According to Moonis Elahi, the federal minister for water resources, “I had the pleasure of chatting with Mr Tareen’s son Ali.” Elahi added in an interview that she had “the pleasure of communicating with Mr Tareen’s son Ali.”

The next episode on the game of thrones. @ImranKhanPTI ousting his own to retain power. Games continue. Wait for the next episode. Imran may resign
Elahi begins quest to occupy Punjab CM’s office, save PM

— Maj Gen Harsha Kakar (@kakar_harsha) March 30, 2022

PML-Q Senator Assurance

According to PML-Q Iranian Senator Kamil Ali Agha, a no-confidence move against Prime Minister must be defeated. The coalition administration will be allowed to complete its term, and we will do all we can to ensure that happens.
Also according to him, the PML-Q was seeking to persuade MNA Tariq Bashir Cheema not to vote against the party line in the no-confidence vote. He did not declare he would alter his mind about voting against the prime minister, but he did state he was still with the Chaudhrys of Gujrat and would not vote for the prime minister.
Ridge Between the Chaudhry and Chaudhry families
According to PML-Q President Chaudhry Shujaat Husain, reports that the Chaudhry family and the party were divided over whether or not to remain in the PTI coalition were false and unfounded.
They are the head of the family, and I fully back them in making all of their political decisions in collaboration with me. They are the head of the family. This is something that both our immediate family and the rest of the group are aware of. As soon as we made the decision to stay in the partnership, rumours started to fly,” he said. Those hoping to gain political advantage from the spread of rumours about problems within our family will be disappointed, as will their supporters.
According to Marriyum Aurangzeb, the secretary of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Mr Elahi’s assertion concerning Maryam Nawaz was untrue. It is not correct to assert that Maryam Nawaz is the victim of Parvez Elahi’s defamation. As a result of their joint efforts, the PML-Q has decided to accept an offer from the government. According to Ms. Aurangzeb, this decision was taken exclusively for personal reasons and had nothing to do with any comments made by Maryam Nawaz that were incorrectly ascribed to her.
Federal Minister for National Food Security Syed Fakhar Imam, on the other hand, has disputed that he has resigned from his position.. To quote him, “Reports of my quitting and joining PMLN are completely baseless.”
The Nominee of the Opposition for the Chief Minister

Following the realisation that the Chaudhrys would not be departing from the government, the opposition started putting together a list of potential candidates to challenge Mr Elahi’s leadership.

One of the party’s leaders said that “we’re now in discussions with the Tareen group, and we’ll come up with a candidate jointly.

According to reports, Awn Chaudhry, the president of the Tareen group, and Sardar Ayaz Sadiq of the PML-N and Fawad Chaudhry of the PTI met with him on Tuesday to solicit their support for the no-confidence motion and the appointment of the new chief minister.

As a result, the group’s demand that the prime minister step down in order to replace Usman Buzdar was granted, and Fawad informed Awn that the prime minister had agreed to their request.

Meanwhile, a conference was held in Lahore by the Tareen group to discuss whether or not to endorse Mr Elahi’s candidacy. Mr. Tareen, who is now undergoing treatment in London, will, according to the statement, make the final decision in the matter.

The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPPJaved )’s Latif told a private television station that the united opposition’s nomination for provincial chief minister may be PPP leader Hamza Shehbaz or unsatisfied PTI MPA Aleem Khan, according to a report by a private television station. As it turned out, Aleem’s claims of support from 30-40 members of Parliament were a “hoax,” as he was unable to identify a single member of Parliament to back him up.

In the 371-member Punjab Assembly, the PML-N has 165 members, the PPP seven, the PML-Q ten, and perhaps 20 members of the dissatisfied Tareen group.

Asif Ali Zardari Statement

In the opinion of former president Zardari, Mr Elahi was unable to be elected as chief minister because “the vital numbers” were in favour of the opposition party. In response to Moonis Elahi’s pleadings, the PML-Q leadership endorsed the PTI partnership, according to Rana Sanaullah, the Pakistan People’s Party’s provincial president for Punjab (PPP). The PML-Q had been given the job of chief minister by the opposition, but the party chose to stay in the coalition instead.

Six PML-N members of parliament, led by Jalil Sharaqpuri, have broken ranks and proclaimed their support for Mr. Elahi as temporary prime minister.

Buzdar’s Resignation and Commitment
The departure of Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar is another event, since he is expected to stay in office until the outcome of the no-confidence vote against the prime minister.
The resignation of Buzdar has not yet been accepted by the governor. According to a source close to the administration, as a consequence of the no-confidence vote against the prime minister, the administration does not want to arrange a session within two to three days.
Meanwhile, Buzdar said that if his resignation is accepted, he would step down, but he also stated that he will remain behind the prime minister in the benefit of the country as a whole.
I care more about the well-being of my nation than I do for my own,” he said in a series of tweets, citing the basic fact that ministries and positions don’t last very long.
His commitment to Prime Minister Khan’s vow to the nation for a new Pakistan has been stated, and he has said that he would continue to do so. “Party loyalty and patriotism will always be important,” says the author.

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