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No-Confidence Motion: PML-N Leader Losing the Support of PML-Q

Pervez Elahi: Nomiation for PTI Candidate

Parvez Elahi, a former member of the Pakistan Muslim League-Q, has been nominated as the PTI’s candidate for Punjab’s chief executive, only hours after the opposition PML-N presented a no-confidence motion against Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar in the provincial assembly.

According to sources, PML-N vice president Maryam Nawaz is being held responsible for the party’s failure to win the support of the PML-Q, which is a crucial partner of the governing coalition. The failure to provide a satisfactory offer to the Chaudhrys is considered to be the primary reason for the allies’ refusal to support the opposition’s attempts to force Prime Minister Imran Khan from office via a no-confidence resolution.

Maryam Nawaz Reported

Some leaders in the Pakistan People Party-PPP and PML-N have accused Nawaz Sharif and his daughter of being too rigid in their response to the PML-demands,” Q’s a senior leader in the Pakistan Democratic Movement-PDM, who was present at the PML-talks, Q’s told Dawn on Monday. “Nawaz Sharif and his daughter have been accused of being too rigid in their response to the PML-Q’s demands.”

‘N’ league leaders and the PPP are dissatisfied with Maryam’s ‘inflexibility’ in negotiations with the Q league, according to sources.

Demands of PML-Q 

Regarding the next term, the PML-Q wishes to retain the chief minister’s office for the remainder of the term as well as up to 20 seats. These demands were met with agreement by Asif Ali Zardari and Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, but the elder Sharif and Maryam were not willing to budge, according to the report “The leader went on to say that the father-daughter duo had communicated to the Chaudhrys that Mr Elahi could only be considered for the top position in Punjab for an interim period of three to five months after the PTI government was forced to resign and leave the province.

They were unable to come to an agreement on seat modifications for the next elections because of differences in political ideology.

Affecting Mr Zardari is the fact that the Sharifs have refused to accept the Chaudhrys’ more lucrative offer, as a result of which he is claimed to be disappointed with the PML’s choice to endorse Prime Minister Khan, who has given what his allies desire.

According to another opposition leader, Zardari’s efforts to bridge the trust gap between Sharif and Chaudhry were ineffective.

Warnings of Pervez Elahi

According to a party sources, Mr Elahi’s “political manoeuvre” alarmed the PML-N leadership since it was “unpredictable.” According to Elahi, top leaders are concerned that if he is appointed chief minister, he would use the position to consolidate his party at the cost of the PML-position. N’s

The whole time that this was going on, Yousuf Raza Gilani issued a statement to News Reporters saying that the united opposition had not given up on the Chaudhrys and was still in negotiations with them. We need the support of the government’s allies in order to remove the prime minister from office. However, we have the requisite numbers despite this.” His confidence in the PML-Q leadership’s willingness to join him was unshakeable.

Earlier this month, Azma Bokhari, communications secretary for the Pakistan People’s Party-Nawaz (PPP-N) in Punjab, stated that the opposition was still in contact with the Chaudhrys and that they would rethink their support for the prime minister.

In the Chaudhry family, there is a divide, with Mr Shujaat wishing to shake hands with the PML-N and Mr Elahi considering the PTI as a superior choice because of Mr Shujaat’s desire to remain in the coalition, despite Mr Shujaat’s want to leave. 

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