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NewZealand food packing jobs seasonal visa 2023

Are You interested in fruit picking jobs in New Zealand? If you’re considering working as a fruit picker in New Zealand, you’re in for more than just a typical farm job abroad. Fruit picking jobs in New Zealand come with numerous benefits, offering not only a good source of income but also a pathway to long -term settlement in the picturesque country. 


NewZealand food packing jobs seasonal visa 2023:


New Zealand businesses involved in fruit and vegetable growing and harvesting frequently hire workers internationally for their granges. To facilitate this, the New Zealand government has introduced a special work visa category known as the Recognised Seasonal Employer Limited Visa, or RSE Limited Visa. 


In this article, we will delve into the details of this visa type and its requirements. Unlike Canada, where foreign workers cannot obtain work permits for seasonal jobs, in New Zealand, you have the opportunity to secure employment for seasonal work and enjoy a country. 


Types of seasonal agricultural jobs in NewZealand:


Types of seasonal agricultural jobs in New Zealand, colon 1.

 Fruit pickers 2. 

Vegetable pickers 3.

 Packers 4. 

Farm equipment operators 5. 

Farm workers 6. 

Dairy farm workers 7. 

Forklift operators 8

Warehouse workers 

Store persons, etc. 


Salaries and benefits 


Salaries and benefits for fruit picking jobs in New Zealand The median wage set for fruit picking and packing jobs in New Zealand is 29.66 New Zealand dollars, while the minimum salary for fruit pickers is 22 .70 New Zealand dollars. 


This minimum wage amount has been mandatory since April 1, 2023. On average, salaries for fruit picking or similar jobs may range from 22 to 33 New Zealand dollars per hour, depending on the working conditions. Typically, the working hours are 8 per day, and overtime is compensated separately. 


Employers usually offer 2 days off, typically on Saturday and Sunday. Accommodation and meals are often provided by the employer, leading to significant savings. With an average annual earning potential of around 61,000 New Zealand dollars based on a 40 -hour workweek, seasonal workers can secure a comfortable lifestyle. 


Employers in New Zealand provide job offers and work visa sponsorship, relieving workers of any concerns regarding visa and travel costs. Under the RSE Limited Visa, all expenses are covered by the hiring company for foreign workers. 


What is the Recognised Seasonal Employer Limited Visa? RSE. 


The Recognised Seasonal Employer Limited Visa allows individuals to work in New Zealand’s horticulture and viticulture industries, which encompass fruit and vegetable growing, great cultivation and harvesting businesses. 


Each year, New Zealand allocates approximately 19 ,000 visas for these job positions. The RSE Limited Visa offers free travel, accommodation, and sometimes food, making it an appealing option for foreign workers. Moreover, the processing time for this visa is just nine days. 


The New Zealand Immigration Website publishes a list of 200 recognised employers, which can be accessed directly on their site. Approval of the RSE Limited Visa is subject to the Immigration Agreement for all nationals, except for those from certain Pacific countries. 


Eligibility and requirements 


Eligibility and requirements for the recognised seasonal employer, RSE, WorkVisa, 

No specified age limit, but applicants must be above 18 years old.

  1. Basic English Language Skills are necessary, but no English test is required.
  2. Physically fit for outdoor work incapable of handling heavy loads. 
  3. New Zealand’s Specific CV and cover letter are necessary.
  4. A job offer from a recognised employer is required. 
  5. Medical Insurance for the period of stay in New Zealand. 


How to find fruit -picking jobs in New Zealand? 


As an overseas worker, it is advisable to target these platforms to maximise your chances of finding suitable opportunities. Here are some well -known job portals in New Zealand

  1. colon 
  2. Seek NewZealand
  3. Work here 
  4. Working in New Zealand 
  5. Backpacker Board 

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