New Petrol Prices in Pakistan – 1 June 2023
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New Petrol Prices in Pakistan – 1 June 2023

The Federal government of Pakistan announced new prices of petroleum products From 1 June 2023. According to the new budget. New price of petrol will be Rs.262 per liter. The price of high-speed diesel will be. Rs.253 per Liter. The price of kerosene oil will remain constant. Rs.164.7 per liter, and light diesel oil price will be. Rs.147.68.


New Petrol Prices in Pakistan – 1 June 2023


Finance minister of Pakistan Ishaq Dar has announced that from today first of June 2023 Petroleum prices are going to be updated and there is a new relief fund for all Pakistani citizens, the new prices of petrol will be Rs.262 per liter. The price of diesel has decreased 5 rupees per liter and petroleum price decreased 8 rupees per liter according to the new budget.


New prices of Petrol in Pakistan :


During the press conference meeting, current finance minister, Ishaq Dar announced pleasant news for all Pakistani citizens about New Petrol prices in Pakistan, which has been decreased from Rs.270 per liter to Rs.262 per liter, which has decreased the burden of increasing inflation from the public.


New Prices of Diesel in Pakistan:


The diesel price has also been updated to decrease five rupees per liter from the previous price of the diesel verse Rs.258 per liter and the current price from first of June will be Rs.253 per liter. This is not the first time after coming in power, the government is also trying to decrease all the prices of basic net materials that are petroleum, food, and agricultural products.


New Prices of kerosene in Pakistan:


It has also been stated that the kerosene oil price will remain constant which is Rs.164.7 per liter and it is expected that in the next budget this price could fluctuate.


New Prices of light diesel oil in Pakistan:


According to the budget, light diesel oil prices have decreased five rupees per liter from Rs 152.68 to Rs 147.68.


Federal Minister Notice about petroleum Prices;


According to the statement of federal Minister about blue petroleum prices;


“In the fortnightly review of petroleum products’ prices, the Government of Pakistan has decided to reduce the existing prices of petroleum products to provide relief to the masses.

The new prices effective from 1st June, 2023”


New Petrol Prices in Pakistan – 1 June 2023

The PML N government or PDM is trying their best to build up the trust of the nation to secure their government so that’s why they’re doing their best to obtain a strategy like the previous government of PTI. In the previous days of PTI government when it was nearing to end they also decrease the prices of petroleum at the first to ensure the people that we are thinking about your favor, and will make sure the bearable prices of these petroleum, so that’s why this could be a reason of decreasing petroleum price at the time of high inflation everywhere in the world.


Final Thought: 


the announcement of new petrol prices in Pakistan brings both relief and hope for the citizens. The reduction in petrol prices from Rs. 270 to Rs. 262 per liter, along with a decrease in diesel prices, aims to alleviate the burden of increasing inflation. The government’s efforts to stabilize prices and prioritize the welfare of its people are evident.

These adjustments in petroleum prices, coupled with the government’s commitment to building trust, signify a strategy aimed at ensuring affordable and manageable costs for essential commodities. As the nation progresses, such measures contribute to the overall well-being of Pakistani citizens in the face of global economic challenges.

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