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Namanzoor.Com ; Imran Khan Funds Collection Website

 Imran Khan Funds Collection Website


Namanzoor.Com : Imran Khan Funds Collection Website; With no money in his pocket to counter the conspiracy in the country, Imran Khan has appealed to the Pakistanis abroad to help me as much as possible and help this imported government.  Should be released from the country as soon as possible.  

To this end, he has set up a website called Imported_Government_Namnzoor, which appeals to Pakistanis abroad to help Imran Khan by donating as much as possible to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). 

  So that Jalsaas can be held in the country and this foreign conspiracy can be fully answered.  Together, let us fully support the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and carry out this work, fulfilling the desire of the fearless Prime Minister, so that our gifts and nature may benefit our new generations to come and be with them.

 The new governments coming from injustice could save them.

Imran Khan Adress to Overseas Pakistanis over Funds Collection.

Today regarding funds collection former prime minister Imran Khan address to the overseas Pakistan is through his Twitter account the complete video script is given below;

How to Donate Funds to PTI :

Step 1:

 Click on the link below to submit your Sindhi and donations through this website to PTI.

 Because the website is newly created here, you may face a long delay, but you have to wait without refreshing after opening the page, you will have to wait upto 5 minutes.

Step 2:

 After that, a page will open in front of you. That will show you the latest names of some people who have named their Hadiah to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. below that Imran Khan’s performance will be seen. 

In the poster given to you above header session  You have to click on the green icon   ” Clicks here to Donate”.

 Step 3:

Apart from that a new page will open Infront of you.

• Where you have to enter;

• The amount in Euro you want to donate,

• Your name

• Mobile Phone number

 • The name of your country from which country you are making donations to PTI,

 • NCOC / NIC number

 • And finally, whatever you have to say in favor of Imran Khan. A description box has been created below, in which you can give your words for Imran Khan.

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