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Montana Becomes First US State to Ban TikTok on Personal Devices

Montana Becomes First US State to Ban TikTok on Personal Devices;Republican Governor Greg Gianforte of Montana has signed a bill into law, making it the first state in the US to implement a statewide ban on TikTok. The ban is set to take effect on January 1st, amid concerns over the potential transfer of data to the Chinese government. Governor Gianforte expressed his intention to protect Montana’s personal and private data from the Chinese communist party through this ban.

Montana Becomes First US State to Ban TikTok on Personal Devices;

  1. In response, TikTok released a statement criticizing the bill signed by Governor Gianforte, arguing that it infringes on the First Amendment rights of the people of Montana. TikTok emphasized that its users can continue using the app as the company works towards defending their rights both within and outside of Montana.


Sapna Maheshwari, a New York Times business reporter covering TikTok and emerging media, shed light on the circumstances leading to this unique action and the choice of Montana. Several states across the country have already banned TikTok on government devices, but Montana escalated these efforts by proposing a bill in February to ban TikTok for all individuals, not just government employees. The bill underwent extensive debate and successfully passed through various legislative bodies, culminating in its recent enactment into law.


Enforcing the ban poses challenges, particularly regarding personal devices. Questions arise as to how the ban will be applied, especially for visitors to Montana and individuals residing near the state’s border. The responsibility for enforcement seems to lie with Apple and Google, as the bill targets app stores carrying TikTok and imposes fines on both the app and the platforms that host it.


While the ban in Montana reflects a growing trend of industrial policy and technology restrictions driven by concerns over national security, the enforcement of such bans at the state level presents significant difficulties. Experts suggest that the ban’s impact on neighboring states and potential conflicts with the freedom of speech guaranteed by the First Amendment are complex issues to navigate.



Montana’s statewide ban on TikTok marks a significant development in the ongoing scrutiny of the popular social media app. By signing this bill into law, Governor Gianforte aims to safeguard the personal and private data of Montana residents from potential risks associated with the Chinese government. However, challenges loom over the enforcement of the ban, raising questions about its practical implementation and potential impact on neighboring states. As debates around national security and freedom of speech continue, the Montana TikTok ban sets a precedent that could influence other states grappling with similar concerns.

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