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Martial Law in Pakistan in Next week Weeks

          Martial Law in Pakistan

Immediately after Imran Khan stepped down, elections were held in the National Assembly. In which the new Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif was elected. After which Imran Khan’s lovers came out on the streets of the country and started protesting. 

 Under these circumstances, only two things could be done in the country. One of them is that new elections should be held in the country as soon as possible. And the second is that the army in Pakistan should take control of everything and enforce martial law in the country. 

Statement Over Martial Law by Joint Opposition Parties:

 Now that the issue of Chief of Army Staff General Bajwa has come up, it must be said that during the no-confidence motion, the opposition leaders kept saying that it was the army who brought Imran Khan up as New Prime Minister and now they are trying Imran Khan again to be the New Prime Minister of Pakistan.

 Even though you should know that the country has a separate military system. and they never take part in any political issue. But every time political parties insult army by saying they are involve in country’s political issues.

 They don’t know how the army build up a person to comand to the new soildures to make country’s borders safe.

How a Soldier be Army Chief:

 From second lieutenant to lieutenant after becoming a commissioned officer at the age of 22. Then the Captain, then the Lieutenant Colonel, then the Colonel, then the Brigadier, then the Major General, then the Lieutenant General, and then one of the Army Chiefs then four stars on the collar.

 But it takes 25 years. And these twenty-five years include duty from the rocky mountains of Balochistan to the icy valleys of Siachen. There is no ordinary human being

 And out of all of them, experienced, visionary and far-sighted people are part of the think tank and formulate the policies of the state. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive.

 Is the guarantor of !!!

Statement of the Chief of Army Staff:

                         Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff, Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, and DG ISPR have made it clear that the Army has never interfered in the country’s political affairs before today and will never do so in the days to come. We will wholeheartedly accept the new Prime Minister of any country.

 And together with them will continue to try to maintain the status quo of the country. Here it must have become clear to you that the army in the country has made it clear that under no circumstances can martial law be enforced in the country. 

 The last resort is the elections. It is hoped that new elections will be held in the country soon. It can happen in a month or even 6 months.

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