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Journalist Faisal Vawda Shocking Claim On Hatching The Conspiracy Letter To Assassinate PM Imran

PTI SpokePerson Statement

According to PTI spokesman Faisal Vawda, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s refusal to “sell the country” has sparked an assassination plan against the prime minister, according to the PTI leader.

At a rally organised by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-PTI on March 27 2022, Prime Minister Imran Khan exhibited a letter that he said contained “evidence” of a foreign plot to depose him and overturn his government. In an interview with ARY NewsChanel’ “Off the Record,” Vawda levelled the claim.

This follows the decision of the MQM-P, the PTI’s most significant partner at the federal level, to join the opposition in order to support the PTI’s no-confidence motion against the prime minister and his administration.

In the National Assembly, it seems that the prime minister has lost his majority, as a large number of supporters have defected from the government’s camp and joined forces with the opposition, which now has 177 members, compared to the Treasury benches, who currently have 164 members.

Vawda said that the premier’s life was in danger in an interview with an undisclosed private television channel, and that a conspiracy was underway to assassinate him.

The premier had noted that when his time comes,” Vawda said, referring to the premier’s statement. “We have repeatedly urged him to use a bulletproof glass when addressing rallies,” added Vawda. “We have repeatedly advised him to use a bulletproof glass when addressing rallies.”

Interrogated by investigators, a former federal minister said that the plot was linked to a “secretive” letter that the government had received. “It’s not simply a single letter,” he said further. “There are a plethora of them.”

Earlier Soothsaying of PTI Ministers

Asad Umar and Fawad Chaudhry, federal ministers, stated on Tuesday that the letter warned of “horrific repercussions” if Prime Minister Imran Khan stayed in power.

Despite the fact that Vawda indicated today that the prime minister’s life was in danger, he refused to disclose whether the alleged plan to assassinate him was included in the letter he gave to the administration on Monday.

Journalist faisal Vawda Statement

According to Vawda, who sent the letter to Kashif Abbasi, one of the journalists who obtained a copy of the letter this morning, Vawda wrote: “Imran Khan sahab’s life is under grave danger at this time. That line [of the letter] about the repercussions was not read by you, and I’m not sure whether that was the case. That is really risky behaviour.

Imran Khan sahab has been identified as a potential target,” Vawda stated. “

Abbasi wanted to be certain that he was correct.

Following that, he inquired as to if “you are suggesting that Imran Khan’s assassination is also included in the letter.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) senior leader Faisal Vawda has claimed that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s life is in danger as a plot has been hatched to assassinate him: Pakistan’s ARY News

(File photo)

— ANI (@ANI) March 30, 2022

Further Statement Of Faisal Vawda

In the words of Vawda, the PM was repeatedly told that bullet-proof glass would need to be erected in front of his platform at the event scheduled for March 27 2022. In a cryptic response, Vawda said, “I got the sensation of assassination… killing…” “As he has done in the past, Allah will bring my [death] upon me.” “It isn’t worth your time to continue.”

Abbasi inquired of Vawda as to whether or not the assassination was mentioned in the letter. Vawda responded affirmatively.

Vawda, on the other hand, did not give any more information or clarification.

In addition to the vote of no-confidence, there is a threat to his (Prime Minister Imran’s) life.He provided an answer to my inquiry,” it has been claimed about assassination.

Journalist Abbasi Quoted To PM Imran Khan

It was Abbasi who requested that Vawda explain whether or not it was included in the letter, and Vawda responded by saying, “It is connected to this letter in some manner.” The letter you have received today is not the last one you will get from me.”

Then, after a little pause, Abbasi added, “You’ve just made the most significant statement of your life.

I am speaking from my own experience,” Vawda said. We are frightened and apprehensive about our political leader. “Imran Khan has been identified as the target of a murder plot.”

Spirit and Courage Of PM Imran: Vawda Stated

According to Vawda, “Imran Khan’s courage is something to be admired.” He will never, ever give up his country for the sake of a profit. He is adamant in his refusal to cede control of his nation. He will not take any kind of payment. No bases will be permitted, and no one will be able to do anything they want.”

To date, the sarkar (government) and his life have paid the price for Vawda’s statements.

Prime Minister Imran Khan Statement

According to Imran Khan’s party’s leader, there were challenges to Imran Khan’s leadership even before he was elected prime minister of Pakistan. “During huge meetings, we used to line up in front of him as human shields,” says the author. According to him, “in the past, intelligence services had told us that [Imran Khan] may be attacked today.”

“We had encouraged the prime minister to expose this (the threats on his life as well), but he is bold and does not want it to be seen as a sign of weakness,” Vawda said.

Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, finds himself in the most difficult situation of his political career as the country is thrown into yet another political upheaval. Because he does not have the support of his fans, he is almost certain to lose the battle.

Because of a partnership with the opposition Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-PTI government has been struck a severe blow by the primary coalition partner Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan-MQM-P.

With promises to construct a “Naya Pakistan” (new Pakistan), the joker-turned-politician surged to power in 2018, yet he has failed terribly in his attempts to resolve the most pressing problem facing Pakistan’s citizens: poverty.

Prices of food have risen by more than 12 percent in the last two years, contributing to an increase in inflation. The poor are the ones who bear the brunt of the burden, since they are believed to be unable to make ends meet.

155 of the party’s lawmakers in the National Assembly, which has 342 members, are backed by political parties affiliated with six other political parties. To be successful, the no-confidence vote must be supported by at least 172 members. The administration is in serious difficulty as a result of the rebellion of 24 of its own members of parliament.

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