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ISPR Saying: 6 Soldiers Of Pak Army Were Martyred In KPK Tank District

ISPR Statement 
During an attack on a military base in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province’s Tank district, six soldiers were killed and three terrorists were also killed.

According to District Police Officer-DPO Waqar Ahmad, three security personnel were killed and 18 others were injured during the midnight attack on a Frontier Corps-FC fort.

According to a DPO statement, an emergency was declared at a district hospital, and additional troops were sent to the scene in response.

Although no casualties were listed in the statement made by the Inter-Services Public Relations, it is possible that some were. It was also unclear if the targeted military location was a fortification belonging to the FC or not.

According to a statement, military authorities “effectively” stopped the terrorists’ attempt to gain admission into the country. The three intruders were apprehended and executed by security guards.
In a statement made after the exchange of fire, it was said that “six servicemen embraced shahadat (martyrdom) after battling gallantly.”
Subedar Major Sher Muhammad, 48, Naib Subedar Zubaid, 39, Havaldar Sohail, 39, Lance Naik Ghulam Ali, 36, Maskeen Ali, 32, and Sepoy Mir Muhammad, 37 were among the soldiers killed in the attack. Subedar Major Sher Muhammad, 48, Naib Subedar Zubaid, 39, Havaldar Sohail, 39, Lance Naik Ghulam Ali, 36, Maskeen
In a statement released on Saturday, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISI) claimed responsibility for a terrorist assault on the Pakistani embassy in Washington, DC.
It was reported by Ispr that security forces responded promptly and successfully, encircling and killing the three terrorists in an efficient manner, thwarting their effort to breach the compound’s perimeter defences.

Six troops were killed in the assault, including Subedar Major Sher Muhammad, 48, of Naushero Feroz, Pakistan, Naib Subedar Zubaid, Havildar Sohail, Lance Naik Ghulam All, Sepoy Maskeen Ali, 37, of Sukkur, Pakistan, and Sepoy Mir Muhammad, 37, of Sukkur, Pakistan.

According to the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), as a consequence of the sacrifices of these brave soldiers, Pakistan’s Army has become even more determined to combat terrorism.

6 soldiers martyred in attack on military compound in KP’s Tank: ISPR

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— Kunwar Khalid Yunus (@KunwarKhalidYun) March 30, 2022

Soldiers Martyred In Attack of Makin Distrioct: South Waziristan

In all, two police officers were killed and four terrorists were killed in the attack.
Another statement from the ISPR stated that two security personnel were martyred and four terrorists were killed following a severe exchange of fire in Makin, in the KP’s South Waziristan region.
According to a statement released by the military, four terrorists were killed as a consequence of the reaction.
According to the statement, the two security officials who were “martyred” after “fought gallantly” were identified as Captain Saad Bin Amir, 25, and Lance Naik Riaz, 37, who were both from the United Arab Emirates.
A statement from the army indicated that “regional clearance is being carried out in order to remove any further terrorists positioned in the area” in order to reinforce the army’s commitment to removing the “threat of terrorism.”
A military ambush in North Waziristan’s Hassan Khel area resulted in the deaths of four soldiers who were trying to cross the Afghan border into Pakistan on the night of March 23 and 24.
According to the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), “alertness and quick response of army soldiers” stopped a band of terrorists from entering Pakistan at midnight.
After failing, the terrorists withdrew… and, according to intelligence estimates, incurred significant casualties in the process.
Attacks in Bloro KPK District

Earlier this month, an intense exchange of fire in the Bloro district of the Bajaur province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa resulted in the deaths of four terrorists and two soldiers.

According to an ISPR statement, terrorists in Bloro, Bajaur district, opened fire on members of the security force in the area.

Because to the security forces’ prompt response and effective engagement of the terrorists’ hiding spot, four terrorists were killed as a direct result of their quick action.

Subedar Lshtaq and Sepoy Kamran, both from the Pakistani city of Nowshera, lost their life in the service of their nation. Aside from three innocent individuals, the terrorists’ bullets had also claimed the lives of three more people.

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