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Ishaq Dar said deadline of New Elections is October


Ishaq Dar said deadline of New Elections is October

An important point has been shared by Ishaq Dar, former Finance Minister of Pakistan.  In which he clarified that new elections will be held in Pakistan.  The PML-N will not stay in power for a year and a half, but it will soon have to go to the Election in one way or another.  

So it is better to hold new elections in the country as soon as possible keeping in view the opinion of the people.  Announcing the deadline for the month of October, he said that elections were expected in Pakistan in the month of October.

 Speaking to a Geo News correspondent on the talk show, Ishaq Dar said that the Chairman Pakistan Election Commission has made it clear to the President and the Supreme Court that Pakistan is at a crossroads to hold new elections in the country, It is not possible to held election now a days.

Now, holding elections would be tantamount to worsening the economic situation. Pakistan’s economic situation is not such that new elections should be held.   Therefore, the month of October will be better for holding new elections in the country.

 According to PML-N, elections in Pakistan should be postponed as much as possible.  So that before the election they can meet all their needs while in power.  Ishaq Dar also clarified that there are some people in the party who do not want elections but he clarified his opinion that he is also a candidate for new elections in the country.

  Before coming to power, all the united political parties tried to remove the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) from power and hold new elections in the country.  They believed that it was the army that helped Imran Khan to come to power.  Therefore, justice should be established by holding new elections in the country in real sense. 

 And then two or three months ago, after a no-confidence motion, way turned around and the PML-N came to power.  Now all things remain the same.  And except for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, no one wants re-election.

 The problem now is that along with the political crisis in Pakistan, an economic crisis has also arisen. If new elections are held in the country under these circumstances, then the country may fall victim to the economic crisis in a worse way.

 On the other hand, a statement has been issued by former Prime Minister Imran Khan that he is running a real independence movement in Pakistan.  He is also holding new rallies in different cities and towns of Pakistan. At the same time, he has invited people from all over Pakistan for the independence of the country and said that the real freedom movement in Islamabad.  We need the support of all Pakistanis to thwart the conspiracy.  

So that they can be told that foreign conspiracy can never succeed in the country.  We are not slaves to anyone and we cannot tolerate any interference in our internal affairs.

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