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Imran Khan clarified the threats of being re-arrest; Imran khan Exclusive Interview:

During an interview with the US Journalist, the former Prime Minister Imran Khan denied that the elected government is now trying to force me to give NRO. “They want to arrest me again even though I have Bail from the Supreme Court”. He clarified all the questions that are being raised these days, according to the corruption and arrest of  Imran Khan. As we know, the police have surrounded the house of Imran khan and according to the current situation at the moment, we can expect that Imran Khan may be arrested again

Imran Khan clarified the threats of being re-arrest; Imran khan Exclusive Interview:


keeping in mind the situation, Imran Khan replied,


 “Well, police are around my house, not in as large numbers as they were last night, because last night the plan was that they said there were 40 terrorists hidden in my house and they were going to come and grab these terrorists.

So therefore, the whole area was surrounded by police. But what I did was I asked all the journalists beforehand, I said, come over to my house and see where the terrorists are. So that diffused the situation, because clearly there were no terrorists.

So that’s when the police could not take action. But the answer to the question, do I expect to be rearrested? Yes, it could happen anytime. Because even though I’m on bail on everything now, the police can’t arrest me on any charges because the courts have given me bail.

But unfortunately, right now, the law of the jungle is prevailing. Might is right. Seven and a half thousand of my workers have been arrested. All my senior leadership has been arrested. So what will happen? I don’t know, but I expect to be rearrested.”

US Journalists ; Mr. Khan, the Pakistani government says that you are sheltering some of your supporters who are accused of attacking the army. So do you reject that claim?


Imran Khan;


“ It is absolute nonsense. What happened was that when they illegally abducted me from the High Court precincts. It was all illegal. And the way they grabbed me, they beat all my lawyers. People got injured as if I was some terrorist.


And those images created these demonstrations all over Pakistan. Because my party is by far the biggest federal party in Pakistan. Now, what they did was they used those mass demonstrations that took place, they perpetrated violence, which is I don’t remember such violence.


They shot dead 25 people which we already know. But there are others which we can’t know because then they started arresting. 7000 workers have been arrested. We don’t know what’s going on. All my leadership has been arrested.


So they use that pretext to crush my party. Because this is the election year and my party’s in the polls. It’s 70% ratings right now. So in order to crush the party that we don’t contest the elections. This is why all this is happening.”

US Journalists; Mr. Khan, you’ve spoken about the street protests that were sparked by your arrest last week? Will you be calling for calm among your supporters to avoid further violence?

Or are you encouraging people to protest?


Imran Khan;


“ Look, the protest took place when they saw me being abducted from the presence of the high court by the army. That’s why the protest took place. There are no protests right now.


There is no public disorder. But what is happening is that there’s a crackdown, unprecedented crackdown taking place. I again repeat, my senior leadership is in jail. They get bailed from court.


As they come out of the court, they again get rearrested. There are women who’ve been arrested. A lot of the women were living in awful conditions because it was extremely hot there. And unfortunately, you know. Right now it is a reign of terror we are facing.”

US Journalists; Mr Khan, I’d like to ask you, if I may, about the dozens of cases that have been brought against you in recent months. Mostly on charges of corruption, but there’s also terrorism, contempt of court. I’d like to hear from you. Do you deny all of them?

Imran Khan;


 “Look, there are 150 cases on me. Out of those 150 cases, four were when I was in jail.


When I was inside the jail, there were four more criminal cases against me. There are 40 terrorist terrorism cases against me. 15 criminal cases in one day. Even a hardened criminal would not commit 15 crimes in a day.


So there are two corruption cases which are being contested. So, I mean, as someone who’s been known in this country for 50 years, never committed one crime, certainly in the last few months he’s had 150 cases. This is not a thing we can except.”


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