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Imran Khan Jalsa Karachi 🔴Live

  “Imran Khan Jalsa        Karachi 🔴Live”


Imran Khan Jalsa Karachi 🔴Live; Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is going to hold his second big meeting in Karachi today after leaving the government. This meeting is going to be the second largest historic meeting of Pakistan in Karachi. In which Imran Khan wants to make it clear to the PPP that the protest will continue till justice is done for the sake of sovereignty and integrity of Pakistan.

 Imran Khan is going to show his power show in the house of the present government (means, Pakistan Peoples Party PPP) and try to show popularity among the people. That the present government could not take any hope in the coming elections

  Today’s Jalsaa in Peshawar is going to be a shameful meeting for the present government.

  Earlier, while addressing the people at the Peshawar rally, Imran Khan said that he would attend the rally in Karachi and would hold a rally in Karachi on Saturday (today) and people would take to the streets in the streets of the country Will come out and protest that “import government disapproved”.

Imran Khan wants Nation to be;

 Introducing the real freedom of the country to the people during his visit today, Imran Khan said that whoever is going to attend the rally today should try to bring the flag of Pakistan with him, which will make it clear that We are not slaves to any American conspiracy, we are conscious citizens of Pakistan with an independent and independent foreign policy. Who have every right to make their own decisions. 

 You can watch all the events of today’s meeting of Imran Khan directly from the given link;

Imran Khan on Twitter:

As per the latest tweet regarding Karachi Jalsa in Pakistan by former Prime Minister Imran Khan that;

My request to all those attendi yang our jalsa in Karachi is to carry our Pakistan flag as this is now a fight for Pakistan’s sovereignty & haqeeqi (real) democracy, & against US-instigated regime change, supported by local Mir Jafars. #امپورٹڈ_حکومت_نامنظور

He used the word imported_Government_ Upapproved. that is now become the most trending hashtag on Twitter with the coverage of 6 million people.

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