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How? When? Why? Did The PM Imran Wanted Usmaz Buzdar To Resonate?

What was it that the prime minister gave all up for? A total of 5 votes will very certainly do him no favour when the time comes to make his decision.

How? When? Why?

It turned out to be true. Imran Khan, Pakistan’s prime minister, is well-known for his firm views and steadfast allegiance. On Monday, he reached an agreement with the Pakistan Muslim League-Q (PML-Q) to transfer the province of Punjab to Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, the party’s leader.

Exactly one week after numerous members of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s inner circle publicly blasted the PML-Q for “blackmailing” the government over Punjab’s chief ministerial position, Khan’s “surprise” surrender came to fruition, according to the media.

With just five members in the central parliament and ten in Punjab, the PML-Q was vying for control of the country’s most populous and well-resourced province despite having only five members in the national parliament and ten in Punjab.

However, given the departure of fickle allies and the neutrality of the umpires, it seemed that Imran Khan’s survival in the next vote of no confidence would be contingent on Q’s tiny number of votes, rather than the majority of votes. After making it clear that they would not take anything less, the captain decided to fold his cards, knowing that the possibility of reclaiming his kursi was still in the realm of possibility.

Given his image as a rigid leader, the Kaptaan was obliged to fire the person who he had claimed for the previous three and a half years was the best candidate for Punjab’s leadership. Despite delivering a speech in which he claimed to be the most honourable politician in the democratic war, he abandoned his principles in order to make one more, desperate attempt to stay in power the next morning. It became clear as Wednesday morning dawned that his decision to compromise on his ideals may have been for nothing after all. 

Absolutes of PM Imran Khan And Chor/Dakuz

Until this weekend, the prime minister had built a reputation as a politician who was clueless when it came to realpolitik. Regarding politics, he has a straightforward, unsophisticated approach characterised by a straightforward, black and white picture of the world and a focus on having his own way in whatever he does.

Despite the fact that some may have found it annoying, his admirers were able to recognise the advantages of his technique since it was so straightforward. Among them are the chor, dakus, and corrupt on the one side, and among them are the political baptised on the other. On the one side, you have Imran Khan, and on the other, you have the rest of the population.

At least for the first half of this month, it seemed as if Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was going to stick to his guns and use an unsteady hand to bring the country’s democratic system crashing down. Because of his stature and allure, he would have been better served if he had remained constant throughout his career. Instead, his actions demonstrated to Pakistan that he is not the unshakeable leader that he would want his fans to believe he is. Politicians in Pakistan are equally as good as their counterparts in other nations when it comes to walking the walk.

Among those who will be most impacted is Usman Buzdar, the key character in the story. As soon as the small-town politician was elected to the position of prime minister, the prime minister publicly and enthusiastically endorsed him.

I have picked Sardar Usman as Punjab chief minister [because] he belongs from a district of Punjab that is the most backward,” the prime minister said.

I want to make it clear I stand by our nominee Usman Buzdar for CM Punjab. I have done my due diligence over the past 2 weeks & have found him to be an honest man. He has integrity & stands by my vision & ideology of Naya Pakistan.

— Imran Khan (@ImranKhanPTI) August 18, 2018

“There is no running water, electricity, or a hospital in the immediate vicinity. Sardar Usman’s distinguishing characteristic is that he is well-versed in the everyday lives of the people who reside in those regions, and he is also conscious of the plight of the poor. In his new capacity as chief minister, he would be well-versed in the issues that Pakistan’s underprivileged are dealing with at the moment. As far as we know, he is the sole Member of Parliament who does not have access to authority. As a result, I am confident in stating that he would work diligently to achieve our aim of improving the living conditions of Pakistan’s most vulnerable inhabitants “The Prime Minister had voiced his views on the matter.

Decision Of PM Imran Khan And Reaction Of his Supporters

Unaware of such reservations, a considerable percentage of the public had expressed enthusiasm for the project. Followers of the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Party (PTI) celebrated the end of Shehbaz Sharif’s rule over the country’s elections as the beginning of the end for Pakistan’s political establishment. But the PPP’s supporters were less enthusiastic.

In the words of one commentator on this page, “we are sowing the seeds for a Pakistan where the underprivileged will lead themselves out of their plight.

He is the only Member of Parliament who does not have access to power in his home.” Would anybody have expected this just a few months ago, when the PPP and PMLN were governing like dynasties in their respective provinces? No way in the world! “Hats off to IK’s vision,” another individual said in response.

Imran Khan ought to be congratulated for being focused on his objectives.'” In the history of Pakistan, there has never been another nomination just like this one. “Mubarakbad to everyone in Punjab and around the nation,” said a third individual.

However, it didn’t take long for the prime minister to realise that the unique nomination had turned into a unique issue.

The Chief Minister of Punjab province, Buzdar Khan, has handed in his resignation to the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

— AEROSINT Division PSF (@PSFAERO) March 28, 2022

Buzdar’s appointment enraged party members, who questioned why a newcomer had been named governor of Pakistan’s most significant province. Previously, Buzdar had competed on the PML-N and PML-Q ballots in the 2014 and 2016 elections. When faced with the hardest political obstacles, Imran Khan selected him above his followers.

Mr. Buzdar, the prime minister said, has been judged to be an honest guy by the prime minister. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif retweeted a message in reaction to accusations that Buzdar had been accused of corruption and criminal activity in the past.

Buzdar’s Integrity and his Resignation Reason

Even when Buzdar’s integrity was again called into doubt when the PTI was in power, the prime minister refused to be influenced.

Soon after being accused of moving the Pakpattan DPO in an unauthorised manner at night, Buzdar was in the Supreme Court appealing his case. He was forced to apologise in the end. As a result, the provincial police force was flipped upside down, with a flurry of changes in police chiefs that made it impossible to keep track of who was really in control.

Even when it was revealed that Buzdar had reportedly given billions to the province’s numerous sugar daddies, the prime minister showed no sign of recoil. He was soon being probed for issue of liquor licences, unlawful land allotments, and other irregularities, but the prime minister did not consider replacing him.

While in office, Buzdar faced a number of serious challenges to his leadership, including PTI stalwarts who openly rebelled and made it apparent that they were unwilling to cooperate with him at times. Because to the prime minister’s continued support for his Wasim Akram+, they would eventually back down.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sacrificed it all on Monday at the altar of political expediency after indicating to his followers he was someone ready to live comfortably with his judgments, even if they were immensely unpopular. Imran Khan’s most fervent followers were not pleased, with Twitter buzz indicating that many would have preferred if the PML-Q had given in when the going got tough rather than compromising his ideals.

The prime minister gave all he had, and for what? When the time comes, he will have just five votes to his name.

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