Delivery Driver Job in Italy

 This is a delivery Driver Job in Super-mercato in Padua Italy, For that it is a highly important to know Italian language. The company is  Everli that is seeking for new delivery boys in shoppers, having some scooters or cars that should deliver the grocery products ordered by costumers. It’s upon you to choose your working schedule that when and where you want to work.

Delivery Driver Job in Italy:

As a delivery driver there is no need to talk how much you have job experience and educational degrees, but there are some basic skills that you should have as a general worker. One of the most important of that you should know Italian language to deal the Italian people and the way of communication should be much better impressive to make customers happy to reorder products again from your shop.

The work will be simple, when you feel free, select your availability, then receive an order after that Shop in the indicated supermarket, and finally delivered the order to the customer at his home. heire you are the one who decide the place and time where and when you want to work. 

Now about to salary package it depends upon you, how much time you worked a day and how much the order you received. More the orders you receive more will be the earning you have. In normal by full time job a one can earn 400€ a week. 

Now interested eligible candidates have the lucky chance to apply for this job in Italy. You need to go on Everli’s platform fill up some basic information and then apply after required time. They will respond you by the email that you mentioned and then you can easily start the work with Everli. More information about this job are unlisted below check out them and apply soon for that;

Company : Everli

Job Name: Delivery Driver Job in Italy

Job Location:   Supermercato24 in Padua, Italy

Duty hours: 11 hours

Sexual Orientation: Male/Female

Nationality :  Nigotiated


🟢 Accomodation

🟢 Medical Insurance 

🟢 Living Facility

🟢 Food

Experience: 1 Years

Job Types: Full Time

Education: Only Italian language and Communication Skills

Salary: 1800€ / Month

Last Date :  10 December 2022

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