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Ch Pervaiz Elahi Mentioned the Scarcity of Lawmakers that oust PM Govt



Chaudhry Parvez
Elahi 今, a member of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), stated on Tuesday
that the opposition coalition has “more than sufficient” legislators’
support to bring the no-confidence resolution against Prime Minister Imran Khan
to the National Assembly, warning that “a slew of surprises
is in store.


Even though it
is a PTI government partner in Punjab, the PML-Q has gained prominence because
opposition parties intensified their efforts to depose it via a no-confidence
resolution. To carry out such a strategy, the opposition would need the backing
of the PML-Q in the National Assembly. At the moment, the party has five
representatives in the National Assembly.


According to
him, the opposition coalition Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) has “more
than adequate
” support from MPs to pass a no-confidence vote against Prime
Minister Imran Khan in the National Assembly on Wednesday. There will be
“a plethora of surprises in store,” which is a distinct possibility.


opposition parties in other provinces are stepping up their efforts to depose
Punjab’s existing government via the passage of a no-confidence motion in the
province. The PML-Q is one of these political parties. If the opposition were
to be successful, it would need the backing of the PML’s Q’s in the National
Assembly. The state of North Carolina is home to five members of the party.


Ms. Bokhari
questioned Elahi on PPP(Pakistan People Party) Chairman Asif Ali Zardari’s
claim that the opposition had the support of more than 172 members of
Pakistan’s National Assembly, which she found to be incorrect. Zardari is
accurate, and Elahi also agreed with him on this point. They have much more
than enough of the required number of people on hand. We have discovered and
analyzed the following information thus far.”


Sharif) Declaration

According to
Shahbaz Sharif, the head of the Pakistan Muslim League-Q, the government was to
blame for its present dilemma because it lacked understanding of cultivating
good relationships with others, particularly its constituents.


While Elahi
alleges that the government has not yet responded to an offer from the
opposition coalition to serve as chief minister of Punjab and form an electoral
alliance with him that would include seat-to-seat adjustment, Elahi believes
that the opposition coalition has.


In answer to
the question, Elahi said, “The only thing we have to wait for is what the
government will do.


Perhaps the
federal government will follow in their footsteps.”


Elahi said the
party should “be faithful to its statements when it comes to the PTI.”
The PTI, he said, has already investigated the prospect of seat shifting.


He did not
mention the prime minister by name, but he clarified that his party’s
commitments were not followed through. “No longer do they qualify as
youngsters, but rather as adults who have acquired the requisite degree of
.” The public will lose trust in you if you don’t at the very
least make up for their previous errors.


Ali Zardari& Monis Elahi) Declaration


After admitting
a lack of faith in both the PML-N and the PML-Q, Zardari intervened and promised
the PML-Q. If you aren’t interested in playing this game, I am not interested
in playing it either,” says the author. “At that moment, PML-N took
things seriously.”


Moonis Elahi,
the head of the PML-Q and a federal minister, is one of the individuals he
believes the government has asked the National Accountability Bureau to
investigate, according to Elahi. That’s why a group of NAB officials made the
statement, “If you keep searching, you’ll discover something,” and
then urged the NAB to continue its search.


according to the PML-leader, Q’s “effort on the government’s behalf never
permitted it to discover anything for itself.”


Using a
symbolic expression, he said, “The kid will learn to walk only when you
put him down.
” “Would you be willing to continue changing his diapers
for the rest of his life?”


Zardari told
Elahi that the five-year tenure of the MPs was coming to an end and that he
thus ruled out the possibility of holding early elections.


Both the
government and the opposition were urged earlier in the interview to postpone
planned power shows by the PML-Q leader, with the interviewer stating that such
confrontations would be detrimental to both parties and would be against the country’s


With the
cancellation of the opposition’s planned political protest on March 27th 2022,
President Obama pushed the government to pressure the opponent.

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