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Caretaker Jobs in Dubai | Jobs in UAE

 Caretaker jobs are being offered in various departments only in Dubai. Anyone who wants to work as a caretaker in Dubai. So there is no better opportunity for you people. Don’t delay and start applying for your job.

      Caretaker Jobs in Dubai |                            Jobs in UAE

 This job is for women only. But you can find many more jobs related to this field. For which you can get all the information (about this type of job) by clicking on the link given below.

 The duration of this job is only one month. In this one month you have to apply for the requirement. Women have to take care of the elderly in the house. And all their needs must be met.

Job Requirements: 

1: Throughout the day you will need to take care of all their medications and their vitals. They will have to take care of their blood pressure levels, blood sugar levels and a variety of other things in the legion, which may be possible when you have a special knowledge of these things.

2: Their personal care, which includes personal hygiene, meal assistance, and assisting the elderly around the home; sitting, standing, dressing are also included in your responsibility

3: You have to take care of these elders and increase your trust in them by listening to their wishes. And you have to have a friendly relationship with them.

 4: You need to keep their family informed about their health.

Job Facilities :

Company Name: Spell Bound Media Advertising

Job Location: Dubai 

Job Name: Care Taker Job in Dubai 

Job Category: Caretaker

Job Type: Full Time

Education Required: experience

Experience Level : Minimum 1 Year (Preferred)

Nationality: Nigotiated

Gender: Female

Salary: AED1,300.00 per month

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