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Belgium Farm Jobs | Agriculture jobs in Belgium 2023


Today, I’ll be sharing the secrets on how to land a high -paying farmwork job in Belgium, earning more than 3 ,000 euros per month. Belgium is a beautiful country, and migrants can explore opportunities in both business and farmwork. 


Belgium Farm Jobs | Agriculture jobs in Belgium 2023

You might already know that when people refer to high -quality spare parts, they say,  Belgium, indicating the origin of those parts. So, for those seeking a chance to earn handsomely and hustle on the side, engaging in various ventures like shipping car parts, dealing with oil paints, tires, and more, Belgium is the perfect destination. 

Moreover, obtaining a visa for this job is remarkably easy.

Requirements for Farmwork:


 Now, let’s dive into the requirements for this farmwork opportunity.


 Different types of work permits are available for Belgium. This may be A, B & C type work permits. 


The type of permit you need depends on the job offer and whether you plan to stick with one employer or have the flexibility to switch between employers. Belgium stands out as a country offering vast possibilities for immigrants, with excellent pay and minimal competition compared to the United Kingdom. 


To pursue this opportunity, you need to have a valid passport, an employment offer from a farm owner, and a medical certificate confirming your physical fitness for farm work. Remember that farm work can be physically demanding, and you’ll need to be in good health to handle the tasks effectively. 


Furthermore, you’ll require proof of accommodation in Belgium to show that you won’t be stranded upon arrival. Additionally, you must demonstrate sufficient funds to cover your stay and living expenses in Belgium. Ensuring that you have a clean criminal record is also essential for a smooth application process. 


Salary Pakage:


In the UK, farming salaries are relatively lower, making Belgium an attractive choice for those seeking better compensation. The salary for farm workers in Belgium exceeds 3 ,000 euros per month. If you’re curious about the value of 3 ,000 euros in your country’s currency, please share it in the comment section. 


Important Note:


If you’re considering applying through recruitment agencies, keep in mind that they may charge fees and reduce your overall earnings. So, exploring direct job opportunities with farm owners might be more financially rewarding. Several agencies in Belgium recruit farm workers, such as Generation Recruitment Agency, Hiring, Synergy Belgium, and CST Workstreet. 


Make sure to read reviews about these agencies to gauge their suitability for your preferences and needs. Before I sign off, I encourage you to subscribe to our channel and leave your comments and suggestions. We value your feedback and aim to improve our content continually. 


Belgium Newly Listed Farm worker Jobs


The jobs that I have mentioned below are all taken from different authenticated and trusted platforms including indeed, LinkedIn. You may check out the job opportunities, your facilities and requirements, and then contact the company mentioned here if the job opportunity is available. Still, you may easily get that job opportunity without any agency or consultancy. 


Company : merican Inc

Job Tyme: Farm Engineer 

Location: 1319 Butterfield Road, Downers Grove, IL 60515

Salary: $35 – $37 an hour

Working Time: 8 hour shift

Age Limit: 45 Years maximum 

Contract: 3 Years 

Vacancies: 05

Education: Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering, computer science or EET.

Experience: 2 years’ experience

Company : Megginson Farms

Job Tyme: Truck Driver / Farm Worker

Location: Auburn, IL

Salary: $20 – $25 an hour

Working Time: 10 hour shift

Age Limit: 45 Years maximum 

Contract: 3 Years 

Vacancies: 75

Education: For truck drivers driving license, and for other farm workers no need of education

Experience: 2 years’ experience

Company : Pacific Seafood

Job Tyme: Farm Worker

Location: Nespelem, WA 99155

Salary: $16.85 – $18.71 an hour

Working Time: 8-10 hour shift

Age Limit: 45 Years maximum 

Contract: 3 Years 

Vacancies: 150

Education: 10th pass

Experience: 2 years’ experience

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