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American media channel shown all reasons for removing Imran Khan from PM Seat

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American media channel shown       all reasons for removing                       Imran Khan from                                        PM Seat

 The United States has made various propaganda against Pakistan but now it has reached its climax.  The political turmoil in the country was the result of US-backed propaganda that led to the removal of a democratic prime minister and a puppet government. 

 The video, which went viral on social media, is being shown by American journalists, who are claiming on the well-known American channel Fox News that the political turmoil in Pakistan against the United States should end.  He also clarified why the democratic Prime Minister of Pakistan was sacked.

 In the talks between the ambassadors, he made it clear that Pakistan should end the political crisis in its country.  Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.  Pakistan will have to end its relations with Russia.  And in the European Union, Pakistan will have to look to Ukraine instead of Russia and support it to the utmost.  It has become clear that he had a big hand behind this external propaganda.

Imran Khan Response over Media talk show:

Talk on American media channel was tagged by Imran Khan special . He said, the one who conspired against me and what was the reason? All the reasons for this have been made clear in the video. If there was any doubt, it is no more. He also tweeted and shared a video.

If there is any doubt about the US conspiracy to overthrow the government, it should not be left out after this video of why an elected democratic prime minister + his government has been removed.


Vote of No Confidence and Imran Khan visit to Russia: 

 It should be noted that this no-confidence motion was spread all over the country only after the visit of former Prime Minister Imran Khan.  And as soon as the democratic government was overthrown in Pakistan, a puppet was brought.  So that Pakistan maintains relations with the United States and fully supports Ukraine by resolving all issues with Russia.

 This is exactly what former Prime Minister Imran Khan kept violating that Pakistan is an independent state, it has a constitutional right to make its own decisions.  No one from abroad can interfere in Pakistan’s internal affairs. 

 Pakistan has an independent foreign policy in which no other country has the right to interfere in Pakistan’s internal affairs in any way.  With that in mind, he chose to step down, rather than remain an American slave.

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