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A Swift National Assembly Session Today For New Punjab Chief Minister

Today New CM Election Meeting

After accepting Sardar Usman Buzdar’s resignation amid legal difficulties on Friday night, the governor of Pakistan’s most populous province summoned the Punjab Assembly on Saturday morning to choose a new chief minister for the first time in the country’s modern history.

Following the acceptance of CM Buzdar’s resignation, the Punjab government de-notified him while simultaneously authorising him to “continue to hold office till his successor comes into office,” according to the same official release. In a series of notifications, the province administration also denotified all 37 provincial ministers, five advisers to the chief minister, and five special aides to the chief minister, as well as five other officials.

Despite the opposition’s surprise at the hastily convened session, both parties claimed support from provincial lawmakers in order to secure the requisite 186 votes in the 371-member house to elect Parvaiz Elahi as Punjab’s next chief minister and Hamza Shehbaz as the opposition’s nominee for the position. 

Hurriedly called assembly session, 371-member house to pick Punjab CM today (#Apr02)
Chaudhry #PervaizElahi b.1 Nov 1945 (#PMLQ & #PTI) vs Mian Muhammad #HamzaShahbaz Sharif b. 6 Sept 1974 (#PMLN #PPPP & Others)#Tareen & #Chheena groups to play decisive role

— Shabbir Hussain Imam (@peshavar) April 2, 2022

Meeting of MPs With Pervez Elahi

A diverse group of members of Parliament-MPs from a variety of political parties have met with the PTI’s new CM leader, PML-Q Punjab president Chaudhry Parvez Elahi, to discuss strategy and prospective partnerships in the coming months. Visitors, MPs, and the leadership of the PML-Senior Q were all part of the tornado of activity that was taking place in the governing coalition camp, which was now in full swing.

PTI and PML-Q had a joint parliamentary meeting in the chief minister’s secretariat, which was attended by more than 150 members of parliament, including some members of the PML-N.

In the words of a leading PML-Q leader, “we have the assurance of MPAs” in order to achieve the magic number of 186 votes necessary to defeat both the united opposition and the incumbent chief minister in Saturday’s poll. On the issue of how a party with just ten members of parliament can be appointed to the office of prime minister, it has been suggested that PTI legislators are split.

Deceiving Part In Punjab Chief Executive Elections

The Jahangir Tareen and Chheena factions of the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) are considered to be a determining factor in the election of the chief executive of Punjab.

In person, at the residence of party head Ghazanfar Abbas Chheena, the 14 MPA Chheena group voiced its support for Parvez Elahi’s candidacy for chief minister and indicated its willingness to work with him.

Jahangir Tareen, the leader of Pakistan’s PML-Q, has said that many of those who were forced to quit the Q-League to join the PTI before of the 2018 general elections have returned to the party’s top ranks.

In a landslide victory, Parvez Elahi was chosen Speaker of the Punjab Assembly, and many of his party’s members of parliament expressed their support for him, according to the leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party-Quaid-PPP-Q. According to another PML-Q senior, the PML-Q enjoys the support of five former PML-N members of parliament who were forced to defect by the PML-N, as well as four of the five independent members of parliament.

According to a PTI politician who requested anonymity, the Punjab Assembly elections will be place the next morning at 5:00 a.m. ‘The government’s goal is to catch the opposition completely off guard,’ he explains further.

Major Underground Activities By PML-N

Several members of the party’s parliament were called to the party’s secretariat because the opposition’s senior leaders are negotiating with Jahangir Tareen’s group for their support, according to party insiders. On Friday evening, the Jahangir Tareen camp received a strong indication from the opposition that they would not be granted the president.
Four out of the 165 PML-N members of Parliament, headed by Jalil Sharqpuri, have resigned their seats.

PML-Q Leadership Assigned Portfolios

The leadership of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz-PML-N has assigned portfolios and party tickets to 17 Tareen Members of Parliament-MPs “According to a source, the PML-N had reservations about the commitments of certain Tareen group members because they were in contact with Mr Elahi as well as Mr Elahi. Aleem would be pleased if the actions against him were not pursued by the next government, according to a reliable source.
Mr. Elahi’s intention to ‘poach’ their MPAs has alarmed the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N). Mr Elahi is believed to have communicated with a number of our Members of Parliament in his role as PA Speaker. Province legislator for the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N): “He is making every effort to get the support of certain of them [PML-N MPs] in order to ensure his victory since he has good links with both government and opposition leaders.

Support of PPP to PML-N

According to sources inside the PML-N, the PPP, which has seven seats in the province assembly, has demanded the positions of governor and speaker. “The PPP has given its full support to our candidate in this election. Following the collapse of the PTI administration, the leaders of the PML-N and the PPP had already reached an agreement on a power-sharing framework for the future. According to a PML-N insider who spoke to Media, the PPP will either win the speakership and a ministry in Punjab, or the governorship would be given to the PPP.
When asked whether any other candidates were considered for the position, he answered, “There were some other alternatives, including those from the strong Jehangir Tareen group, for the position, but this ’24 hours notice’ has enabled us to establish a consensus.

Hamza Shahbaz Statement

According to Mr Shehbaz’s son Hamza, there is a widespread belief among PML-N members that he should not be considered for the top post in Punjab since Mr Shehbaz would replace Prime Minister Imran Khan if the no-confidence vote is successful. According to him, at the united opposition meeting, “even a few PPP MPs questioned how a father and son combination could have won significant posts in the Centre and Punjab.” Asif Zardari, the leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party, spoke with Prime Minister Quaid Nawaz Sharif and requested that the PML-N give over control of the chief ministerial office for a little period of time.

Join Opposition Tareen Request

Members of the Tareen group from Bhakkar urged that the leaders of the unified opposition consider Saeed Akbar Nawani from Bhakkar as a candidate for the chief ministership, but they were unable to dedicate much time to the matter. After having his aspirations dashed, Aleem Khan found it difficult to get support from the PML-N leadership since he couldn’t demonstrate the support of some of his fellow PTI MPAs.

PTI has 183 members in the Punjab Assembly, PML-Q has 10, the PPP has 7, and Rah-i-Haq has one member who is an independent. There are 371 total members in the Punjab Assembly

Ishaq Dar Meeting With Jahangir Tareen On friday

Following a contentious meeting on Friday evening in Lahore, Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz leader Ishaq Dar met with Jahangir Khan Tareen, the head of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), according to Atika Rehman in London.
According to a source who was present at the meeting, Jahangir Tareen and his son Ali Tareen met with the former finance minister at a Park Lane hotel to discuss current political developments and support for the CM Punjab contender.
The PML-N leadership in London reached out to Tareen as a consequence of this unexpected event, who has been recovering at his Oxford flat after having a medical procedure while in the United Kingdom.
Tareen’s endorsement of PML-N candidate Hamza Shehbaz is likely, according to a source who spoke on the condition of anonymity to Mdeia.

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